Okay then gamers and gamerettes, here are a few links for you lucky people that we feel are to just about some of the best gaming related sites out there.   dedicated to bringing you the best in games videos and trailers. If you want us to feature your video of you fragging some noob into submission or of your epic sniper montage then this is where to go to leave us a message with your details.  the fastest source of info on the web. Just subscribe and watch the Tweets come flooding in. what can we say? Assassins Creed, Ghost Recon the list of great Ubi titles is neverending we love EA Games, we go to sleep wearing EA jammies holding our EA Bunny because you know its right!  Bioshock…need we say more??? check these fella’s out for some cracking gaming gadgetry and some truly collectors edition items. if your warranty is out then head on over to these guys for just the coolest gaming mods this side of  Mars! custom skins for everything from your Wii, DS, Xbox360 and so on and so forth. Oh, and they don’t look like the rubbish from those other skins manufacturers

And this one is not really a link as such but for all you guys in the United Kingdom, (that would be us too!), if you are ever in Bristol just pop in and check out Matt and the boys at Pink Planet gaming store. These guys have got it all! From Pong on the Binatone to the God of War III Collection.  The best gaming store in the UK.


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