RDR:Legends & Killers DLC Review

The latest  awesome DLC for Rockstar Games smash hit title Red Dead Redemption goes under the review microscope as we take a look at  ‘Legends & Killers’

Get your wallets at the ready and your Microsoft Points purchased as the next available DLC for the stunning Red Dead Redemption  becomes available on Xbox Live and PSN .

What can we say about Rockstar Games superb western epic that has not been said already?  Red Dead Redemption is one of those rare titles in gaming that matures with age ,and time only serves to bring its potential to the fullest. A perfect example of this is the latest in the first class collection of downloadable content that is on offer to the gamer for the Old West shoot ’em up. Legends & Killers is available for players to purchase and download via their network of choice, be that Xbox Live or the Playstation Network. If you have been living under a rock somewhere or have not yet experienced the sheer gaming Utopia that is Red Dead Redemption then we can readily endorse this as the title above all others that you should be purchasing this year.

We will assume, however, for the purpose of this review that you will have already had the sheer gaming pleasure of the original title and all the hours of unbridled bliss and joy that the single player campaign has to offer. As for the multiplayer? This is where Red Dead Redemption stands up to counted amongst the online first person shooter ‘big boys’ of this world, such as the Call of Duty’s and Medal of Honour’s, and it does so with relative ease and distinction.

Legends & Killers is the second in the series of downloadable content that is available for this years main contender for the coveted ‘Game of the Year’ crown, and it demonstrates just why it should hold the trophy aloft at the awards ceremony later this year. It’s also the first of the Red Dead Redemption DLC that requires that gamers ante up some of their hard-earned wonga if they want to continue the fantastic experience that Rockstar Games has gone on to create with this title. But is it worth it? Let’s find out shall we?

 The main ‘active ingredient’ in the latest DLC for Red Dead is the multiplayer experience, and with an impressive array of 9 new locations and three new modes of play we have to hand it to the developers that they have certainly done their homework on this one and given the fans of the game exactly what it was that they wanted in the next DLC session. The new locations offer up a very varied assortment of situations and environ’s with everything from the familiar Blackwater, Thieves Landing and Hennigan’s Stead being in there to satisfy your needs. However there are also additional maps for area’s ranging from Escalara, Punto Orgullo, Rio Bravo, Tall Trees, (isn’t that a nightclub in Yarm?), and of course Fort Mercer and Manzanita Post. All of the new multiplayer maps are given the ‘Rockstar Treatment’ in that they are lovingly and painstakingly recreated with minute attention to detail, and first-rate graphics with the always top-notch accompaniment of sound effects.

The three new modes that are available for the gamer to enjoy are the ‘Grab the Bag’, ‘Shootout’ and ‘Hold You Own’ and ‘Gold Rush’ These new modes are on offer at different locations throughout the multiplayer experience and appear on differing maps. Such as the ‘Grab the Bag’ that appears at Diez Coronas and the two new ‘Shootout’ modes that are to be found at the Pacific Union Railroad Camp. All will not disappoint as the gameplay is fast and frenetic, however that does not mean to say that there is not an eye to the strategic side of things to take into account, as if you charge headlong towards your opponents like some sort of suicidal Cavalry attack then you will quickly discover that the ‘softly,softly catchy monkey’ approach has its benefits sometimes too. It’s not always about run and gun tactics.

There are also some great additions in the opportunity to play as some of your favourite characters from the 2004 Red Dead Revolver as Rockstar have resurrected some of the original cast for you to enjoy. So you will be able to go blasting your way through the streets of Blackwater in ‘Shootout’ as Shadow Wolf or  Red Harlow, whilst gunning down enemies in Fort Mercer as Annie Stokes or Jack Swift if that be your wont?

The game modes themselves we found to be entertaining and stimulating as we blasted away way from venue to venue assessing each on its strengths and weaknesses. All of which we can happily report have a multitude of strengths, whilst very few of the new maps and modes have weaknesses, if any at all? Blackwater we enjoyed for the blatant chaotic mayhem that ensues throughout the entire mode from start to finish as we go tearing through the dirt lined streets in search of our quarry before despatching the unfortunate to Boot Hill with a fine double blast from our sawn off shotgun. Lovely-jubbley!

Punto Orgullo we found to be particularly engaging being that we favour a more tactical form of online multiplay here at GamesMediaPro. So if you prefer to doing a little more thinking about your bloodletting then we can safely say that this is going to be the map for you. Fort Mercer is great fun as there is a fine blend of sniper spots for your team’s marksmen to take full advantage of, whilst at the same time there are more than enough places for the more maniacal in your ranks to go on a full-scale all out frontal attack to satisfy their bloodthirsty bent.

All in all the great mixture of the new weaponry, we don’t want to go into the details too much here to spoil your fun, but let’s just say you are going to have great time with the new tomahawk. As well as locations and modes. Once again Rockstar Games have proven themselves to be the true leaders of the pack when it comes to the genre. The new DLC only adds  confirmation of the fact.

Graphics: When you see the Rockstar Games logo then you just know that you are in for quality as well as quantity. The graphics in Red Dead Redemption are leaps and bounds ahead of anything else in the genre. Superb renders combining great detailing and fine sound effects with excellent colour schemes make for a true to life experience of the Wild West. Great stuff.                  9

Gameplay: The best game of this year by far for us here at GamesMediaPro. We absolutely cannot get enough of John Marston and the rest of the characters that Rockstar Games seem to bring to life with every line of coding.                       10

RePlay Value: We have not stopped playing this game since it arrived in the mail from Rockstar on release. A diamond of a title. So good that we have even purchased it again so that we can enjoy it with our friends on both platforms. Genius!               10

Presentation: When you have a title as god as Red Dead Redemption, as Rockstar Games have, then its a tribute to the work put in at the games studio that everyone there does their job to the best of their abilities in making the game the complete package in every department. This si exactly what you have with Red Dead Redemption, and I am pleased to be able to tell you that this tradition has been carried on over into their stunning DLC packages. Is Legends & Killers worth the cash? You bet your last rootin’ tootin’ dollar it is, Pardner!                                 10       


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