Halo Reach Beta clocks a million users in 24 hrs

Who would have thought it possible? After all the hype, the wait is finally over and that day arrived when the Halo:Reach Beta, that came along with all copies of Halo:ODST actually went live and even in the most of conservative of estimates superceded all expectation. Now we all know that yes, the Beta has exposed some ‘teething problems’ shall we say in the game? But over all for ourselves, and the 1 million plus users that logged into the Beta in the first twenty-four hours after it became available are, on the whole, thoroughly enjoying the experience. And if the figures that Bungie have released of a staggering 1,071,112 gamers achieving an absolutely whopping 157,982,986 kills between the lot of them are anything to go by, then it just goes without saying that it looks like xbox360 will have another massive title under their belts this year. The only downside to this huge pat on the back for Microsoft is that they have let Bungie‘s exclusivity slip from their grasp, and as it was blatantly obvious in the subsequent explanation in the press release from the hugely successful developer’s their reasoning behind the decision was so that they could obviously create multiplatform games that will obviously include the Playstation, the next sting in the tail would be if Bungie were to couple their developing skills with the sheer gaming power of the Playststion3 and generate an exclusive for that format. but you didn’t hear that from us okay?


1 Response to Halo Reach Beta clocks a million users in 24 hrs

  1. whotShoob says:

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