Nancy Drew:The Creature from Kapu Cave Review

Nancy Drew: The Creature of Kapu Cave is another solid entry in the Nancy Drew series by Her Interactive.

Another exciting adventure lines up for Nancy as she travels to a remote island to work as a research assistant for Dr Quigley Kim, only to uncover yet another mystery that lies hidden somewhere in the secret Kapu Cave

True to the series, and also to the novels from which the games draw their inspiration, the Nancy Drew titles have grown in popularity among PC gamers over the years as players young and hold take up the mantle of the young investigator as she travels with her friends to varying locations and unearths the truths behind the mysterious events that lie at the heart of the story.

The Creature from Kapu Cave is no exception, and is presented much in the same way as previous titles in the franchise. These point and click titles are always a big hit with their core target audience, which ion the case of Nancy Drew just happens to be directed toward more the girl and woman gamer. It is a testament to the talents of the girls that these are titles that whilst not being the most aesthetically pleasing or technologically advanced are still, nevertheless, challenging and at the same time requiring an optimal amount of the necessary skill.  Indeed challenging women in gaming could well be what the Nancy Drew titles are all about and can be attributed to leading some of the more mainstream gamers into the industry in comparison with any other genre. These are games that are often portraying women in unfamiliar, yet often difficult roles that require that the player have some knowledge of the task at hand, and if not then best they acquire some sharpish if they want to complete the alloted tasks. It  is therefore commendable to the games developers, Her Interactive, that they have succeeded once more in bringing to the able another title that will see women of all ages losing their inhibitions about entering the world of the videogamer, what is perceived by many in the industry to be a male dominated work and play area.

In this the latest outing for Nancy Drew the young investigator finds herself on a remote island paradise helping Dr Quigly Kim as a research assistant. Entering into this world se’s the storyline able to offer up challenges for Nancy in such areas as Biochemistry and Lepidoptera, (that’s Butterfly Collecting to you and me). It is during this research that the two young women uncover the mystery of the Island when an entire pineapple crop is wiped out by a strange and unknown force. Enlisting the assistance of the Hardy Boys, who happen to be on the Island investigating a separate issue the friends must go in search of clues to the myriad of questions that will lead them to the answers and bring about the truth of Kapu Cave.

Whilst being a solid and more than dependable addition to the series, it has to be said that some gamers who are familiar with the Nancy Drew franchise may find the title a little short and more focused on the narrative than on the things that Nancy does best, That being locating the clues and unearthing answers to get the results to solve the case. That said The Creature of Kapu Cave is still a strong game and does well to continue in the same vein as its predecessors.

Graphics: Whilst not being earth shattering in their clarity they are still more than adequate for the job at hand and do what they are they to do. With no glitches or bugs it’s still a good game.     6

Gameplay: Not the longest title in the Nancy Drew series of games but still a welcome addition to anyones Nancy Collection.  The point and click method works well and the puzzles are tough without being too challenging for youngsters and newcomers.   6

RePlay Value: Maybe the one area where the title will fall down, as where the game is so short gamers will  be more likely to flesh out playthroughs the first time around.                                     4

Presentation: Though well presented as all of Her Interactive titles usually are, the game itself lacks the ‘oomph’ of previous titles in the series,  it is still a sturdy enough production to be worthy of your gaming cash.                                                             6


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  1. I really want to get my hands on this faptastic piece of kit. I can tell I’ll be getting absolutely zero rest until I finish the game!!

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