Cobalt’s DS Homebrew ” Bunny Run”

Cobalt’s supremely addictive Homebrew platformer for the Nintendo DS has had its latest update in early May and if you are requiring details of this cracker of game then we have an announcement from the developer:

Developer’s note:
So yeah. Touched up my Easter Competition entry a bit, added saving and a couple of other minor fixes, made it a bit easier (although I still cannot beat Ultimate difficulty myself), and here we are. I know that the easter comp thread is only fresh in the grave but this is really my first finished DSGM creation and I wanted to make a thread for it.

One of the old screenshots still applies and I don’t feel like taking new ones.

A warning- it may seem like you pass through power ups – remember that you have to hit them directly, aiming too high means you miss. Something to do with sprite collisions.

For those of you just tuning in:

Bunny Run is a simple but solid platformer/arcade game. Navigate the bunny across flying platforms in an attempt to reach the end as fast as possible, grabbing powerups and avoiding powerdowns and head-on wall collisions.

Try to set high scores, or unlock 5 unique (and somewhat odd) trophies!

D-pad – Move (Press down to drop through floors)
A – Jump
Start – Pause
Select – Return to menu (when paused)


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