Blitz1up’s KrissX for XBLA gets the review treatment

Here’s a lovely little way to spend a lazy summers afternoon. A nice tall cool glass of the ‘Traditional Lemonade’ in one hand and your Xbox360 controller in the other, as you take on the challenges layed out before you in Blitz1up’s smashing little word play title that is available for you all to download from XboxLive Arcade as we speak.   Smashing!

Now I know what you are all thinking, ‘Word Play?’, ‘Challenge?’ Can the two even be used in the same sentence together and still equate to an afternoon’s enjoyment on the little white box of wonder?  Well, yes they can.

The pure genius lies in the titles simplicity for those gamers wishing to escape the never ending and seamingly soulless  parade of shooters, screamers, racers and horrors that make up the usual staple diet of today’s modern gamer. But with KrissX, who’s target audience could be anything from those youngsters who just want a peaceful distraction for an hour or two in between nuking planets and cornering racing circuits at Warp Factor 9,. To the more mature and, dare we say it? ‘Laid Back Gamer.’ There, we dared!

The titles Modus Operandi, as it were, is not dissimilar to your basic crossword puzzle format, Though the major difference being that with KrissX, that there are no straight forward clues as the letters are all jumbled up to the baffle the player further and thus making the game ultimately more satisfying upon your win. For the gamer who does tend to struggle with this type of thing though, there really is nothing to fear here as helpful hints will pop up along the way to offer up handy tips and suggestions to seeing you on the road to victory.

For the more literary out there among you who feel like they want to test their vocabulary? There is the opportunity to play a more challenging format of the game in the ‘Timed Battle,’ where players will be awarded points and bonus spheres for their prowess and mastery over the written word. Some of these colourful bonus spheres may even offer up advantages that range from time extensions to actually solving a clue more quickly for you, or offering up a handy suggestion just when you need it most? Whereas if you are having a particularly good day of it, you may find that on one occasion one of your brightly coloured power-up’s offers to complete the entire word for you, just at the right moment when you may in fact, have wondered what the answer to the question was? Quite literally, bonus!

There are achievements to be won also , and there is always that satisfying ‘Pop!’ when you get your “Achievement Unlocked” symbol. Younger gamers may find some of the later puzzles to be a little taxing, however there is nothing there for the adult to fear ,and in fact, this could well be one of those future parent and child moments when you sit down together and a have a crack at spending a spot of quality time with each other? There are helpful and self explanatory video’s and texts that make for an easy introduction to the game and best of all there are a good amount of modes to enjoy, leaderboards to claim bragging rights over and a further 200 gamerscore points to add to your total.

All in all KrissX proved to be a solid Arcade title on a solid paltform. The quality is there, being that it is a Blitz1up title, and with further additional puzzles being made available to the keep the titles lifespan alive, the replay and longevity issues are answered by Blitz1up’s planned additional content confirmation.

Graphics: Standad fare for an XBLA game, though with the added spit and polish of a Blitz1up title thrown in     6

Gameplay: If Countdown, Puzzler and crosswords are your kind of thing then KrissX is a sure fire winner. A solid arcade title, though a niche, it still deserves a robust looking  5

RePlay Value: With the 3600 puzzles already on offer, the timed mode, leaderboards and additional content all confirmed?   KrissX gets a well deserved        7

Presentation: All things considered with the quality of some of Blitz1up’s other titles, KrissX is an arcade puzzler that you can see right from the get go is a title that Blitz1up put more than a little bit of time and effort into. Its score is a testament to this      6


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