AskACapper needs YOU!!

Now this is where we here at GamesMediaPro ask you to take just 10 minutes out of your schedule to listen to what our good friend Chuck Bittner has to say.

If you hadn’t gathered from the video’s content, Chuck Bittner is a 35 year old gamer from Exexter, New hampshire in the USA.  So far so good, and like any other gamer out there he loves multiplayer with his friends. He loves running and gunning and fragging the hell out of opponents with the best of us, and like the rest of us, he also loves nothing more than to get lost in a great storyline or campaign in Single Player mode on his consoles.

Now this is where the similarity between Chuck, and the vast majority of gamers out there,  ends.

You see, Chuck was the unfortunate victim in an horrific car accident 15 years ago, and the resulting injuries to the c5 verterbra left him quadraplegic. Although Chuck does have limited movements in his arms, he has no movement whatsoever from his fingers, and so when it came time for Chuck to have to ‘re-educate’ himself, to accomodate his new physical condition, he had to literally teach himself how to do everything he used to do prior to his accident, only this time without the use of his legs and hands. If you want to try to even begin to have any semblence of sympathy for Chuck’s plight, just try getting to the bathroom next time you need to have a shave or use the toilet, and try doing it without using your leg’s and your hands? Having a fun time there lying on the floor as you urinate all over yourself? whats that…No?  We didn’t think so?

Chuck Bittner has had to endure pains and trauma that most individuals will never encounter in there lifetime, thankfully. And for a man who has had his physical attributes stripped and limited so severly in their capabilities, it is with pride that we are able to offer our assistance in any cause that will benefit this man, and other handicapped and disabled gamers out there. For we are many.

It seems a shame that for a section of the public for whom gaming can assist in so many different beneficial areas, from social interaction due to lack of mobility, to overcoming personal hurdles due to the nature of any physical disablement, to learning motor skills from the hands manipulation on controllers to using system’s such as Wii Fit to aid physical rehabilitation. Gaming for the handicapped can, and is, probably more helpful than in any other social demographic?

And yet here we are, with advances in Motion Technology so advanced we know don’t even need controllers. 3D gaming is literally bringing the game to us, and as for systems such as the Playstation 3 with its sheer weight of power and available mediums the uses of which seem endless sometimes, it comes as something of a shock to learn that a handicapped man must use his mouth, nose and chin to affect movement on his console?

Picture this scene for a moment:

       ” It’s Modern Warfare2, Team Deathmatch, and you are stalking your prey. You’ve followed him into the silo hut next to the huge masonary blocks in the ‘Quarry’ map and you know this guy is just about to crouch and take aim with a sniper rifle to take out a teammate as you raise you rifle and… POW! Some rival enemy soldier comes tearing through the across the bridge and blasts you almost in half as he races past you, leaps from the first floor window and as he lands, loads and pop’s two more of your comrades before making good his escape as he thunders away into the distance to hunt for more of your team…”

Now picture the scene of the guy who just fragged you at home, sat in front of his TV in his wheelchair as he holds the controller between his wrists, and instead of being able to use his fingers, he has to move the joysticks with his lips, press the buttons with his chin and to fire he has to give the triggers a little ‘bite’.  You think you have problems because of how your thumbs are positioned or how your D-Pad isn’t responsive enough? Walk a mile in Chuck Bittner’s combat boots soldier!

And we know some of the more callous out there would be thinking how Chuck would be ‘Easy Meat’ for them? Think again,  O Talentless One, this is the same ‘Easy Meat’ that went 30-0 on his kill-death on XboxLive. Somehow your patented Halo-bouncy-bullet-dodge Jump doesn’t seem so solid a tactic anymore now does it?  ( that’s okay, you can always tell the lobby that you ‘took it easy on him because of his disability’ when he leaves the lobby, he gets that a lot too! )

And so it is with the utmost respect for this true Hero of a man that we champion Chuck’s petiton to attempt to get some gaming studio’s to allow button re-mapping so that handicapped gamers like our friend Chuck can enjoy and compete with able bodied gamers. Whether it is online on PSN or XbopxLive or Nintendo and PC, or just at home with friends or playing alone we need to support this. Everyone has the right to enjoy their videogames to their fullest potential. And let’s face it, if truth be told, I imagine that in one way or another, handicapped gamers make up a larger percentage of the total people who are gaming than was previously thought?

So please help us to help Chuck Bittner and those handicapped gamers out there who want nothing more than the opportunity to enjoy their gaming just like verybody else? Get over to the website, get over to the Youtube channel, sign the petition. If you have a blog? Do a story? If you have a website, publish an article. But do ‘something’.

Here are the relevant links for Chuck’s petition and Youtube channel, please help support this guys, we never know what lies ahead of us, tomorrow we could be campaigning for you.


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