Singularity Screenshots Revealed

Some great new screenshots have been revealed by those nice people over there at Activision showing that there upcoming title Singularity is looking better and better as the release date draws ever nearer.  One thing that is noticable from this latest set of four screenshots is that this first-person action game has all the makings of a smash hit if the imagery on display is anything to take first impressions from. Note the attention to every conceivable detail in the shots, and the very real feeling of foreboding in the crushing gloom of some of the darker scenes. Its almost tangible in its clarity. Its as if the gamer is taking part in some newkind of  ” emoti0vision ”  if you will, as you really do get a strong sense of the impending danger in the dark and oppressive atmosphere.

Take for example the second of the four offerings which features a shot of one of the games almost disturbingly real NPC’s’ You can almst taste the fear in the mouth of the unfortunate who  is to be the victim of this ‘creature of the night’. And as you study the ghoul-like face of the monster you get a hint of the malice that hides behind those glowing eyes and feel the rise of the goose flesh on your arms before you then sink back into your seat with a sigh and thank your lucky stars that in this scene at least, he is not yet making you the target of his menace. Such is the depth of graphical content brought to life by the games developers, and credit to them, this is one game that has it all.

To round off the four we have left you with probably our favourite two of the four screens. The first depicting another powerful  adversary and judging by the massively powerful physique and the fact that this guy is nothing more than a shimmering, looming  hulk with silver eyes, we are guessing that he isn’t here to chat about the finer points of embroidery with you, or talk anything other than pain as he picks what is left of your teeth from his ghostly knuckles  for that matter?

The final shot shows our hero using his “singularity powers” and if you have been along to our Youtube channel then you will have been lucky enough to have seen this power  in action. And trust us when we tell you that watching your enemies age so rapidly that they collapse into a pile of bones before the turning into dust and being scattered by the four winds is pretty awe-inspiring stuff and one which we don’t think we will be getting tired of any time soon? So if you haven’t watched the Singularity trailers yet then get yourself along to our Youtube channel, ( the Link is in the header menu ), and treat your eyes to a full feast of juicy gaming tastiness. Singularity has yet to have its confirmed release date but we will be releasing that information once we receive it from Activision, until then keep watching Gamesmediapro for  updates.


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