Project Natal is White and Expensive

Thanks to a number of Swedish retailers we now know that the expected buzz around the actual pricing of Microsoft’s upcoming new baby, Project Natal has been grossly underplayed and that in the interim at least, the peripheral has been priced out at 1499 sek which translates to the $200 mark for the US and anywhere between £150-200 sterling for we gamers of the UK. Now seeing as how Microsoft generally has no rhyme or reason to the way that it converts dollars into pounds it could mean that it is more realistic to expect to pay nearer the top end evaluation of £200 if past Microsoft products and peripherals are anything to go by? For example, if you go to the US version of Xbox Live Marketplace you will see that in the Games on Demand section the titles are $20, but in the UK version of Marketplace they are £20? Which flies clean in the face of the international exchange rates, and its the same with everything from Microsoft Points to your actual Xbox Live subscriptions. Whatever they pay in the US just change the symbol in front of the figures to a £-sign from a $ and you will soon start to get the picture.

On top of all this fuss and to-do  about Project Natal comes the further news that it is also to be made available to consumers in ‘arcade white’, a move that is sure to please those more ‘retentive’ souls among the gaming fraternity who like to have everything ‘just so’ and all gadgetry and peripherals matching their hardware and consoles.

Now whatever the price range is to be for Project Natal we are still expecting the initial sales to do quite well, particularly as the launch of the add-on is so close to the festive period. However we have our doubts as to whether either of the “Big Two’s” new motion controlled peripherals will do much to dent the already vice like grip that the firmly established Nintendo Wii seems to have on that particular corner of the gaming market? Any further news and developments with regard to Project Natal and its competitiors will be found in their relevent sections when it is released.

Thanks to VideoGamesZone for the scoop


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