Telltale Games Puzzle Agent is available now!

Telltale’s First Game Pilot

‘Puzzle Agent’

Join the US Department of Puzzle Research and plunge into the mystery haunting the remote mid-western town of Scoggins in Telltale Games Puzzle Agent, available now for PC and Mac at Puzzle Agent is the first game released via Telltale’s new Pilot Program through which the company is bringing new game concepts to market, similar to the broadcast industry’s television pilots. The game is also targeted for release on the iPhone, iPad and WiiWare platforms in July.

Puzzle Agent combines accessible Professor Layton-inspired puzzling, generous doses of Nordic folklore and enigmatic gnomes, with dark David Lynch and Coen brothers inspired sensibilities. This project is a collaborative effort with Graham Annable, Telltale’s first creative director at the time of its founding, and is based on his indie comic work Grickle. Puzzle Agent has received very strong early critical praise, including “Best of E3 2010” acclaim from MSNBC . com and IGN . com.

Graham Annable said “It’s been a great experience working with the talented team at Telltale, fleshing out the world of Nelson Tethers in Puzzle Agent. The collaborative process that’s resulted in the formation of the US Department of Puzzle Research and Scoggins, Minnesota has surpassed even my loftiest aspirations.”

“Puzzle Agent is a great way to launch our Pilot Program, effectively illustrating how Telltale can quickly bring high quality games to market,” said Telltale CEO, Dan Connors. “The Pilot Program games allow us to innovate, take risks and evolve our games so that successful pilots can become Telltale game series in the future.”

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One Response to Telltale Games Puzzle Agent is available now!

  1. I can’t stand waiting to get my chubby paws on this! I can already feel my GPA going down until I crack the game!

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