Clover:A Curious Tale Sparkles in Review

Clover: A Curious Tale –

author: Infinite Retro  

(guest reviewer)

Set in a medieval world ruled by a monarchy with a welfare state, Clover tells the story of Sam, an adolescent teenager. Recently orphaned after his lone parent mother died in a shock attack on the proud nation of Sanha, Clover follows Sam’s journey of discovery as he explores the land and events surrounding his loss.

Having never spent time with the original release of Clover, I came into this game not completely sure what to expect. It permeates the whole puzzle game of yesteryear but I found it, like anything of this nature, to be ultimatley engaging.
You play as Sam, a young orphen who has recently lost his mother due to an attack on the HMS Jingo. Very little detail is given away, and throughout your journey the various puzzles which present themselves offer a joyful experience.
Some joys though can be quite challenging and I found some of these brain testers to be exactly that. I guess at certain points I had the same look that Sam carries throughout the game; the gaze of baffled understanding to what I am supposed to do next for the puzzles.

Beautiful drawings done in the same style as many a childhood book brings the world to life, with little details such as the odd leaf flying around, or the clouds moving in the sky. Even the sight of butterflies are drawn with beauty and fit this very tranquil world.
What struck me most of all is the music. Soothing tunes wrapping its fingers around my audio senses so much that it was difficult to simply stop playing as I wanted to hear the next stage in the ballad. Along with the incredible voice acting for a title such as this, I found nothing cheesy in its delivery.
The townsfolk are very engaging also. Each with their own personality shining through in their very thick english accent which I have always loved. It is like turning the pages of a childrens book to some degree, but an interactive one that never lets up on its wonder.

There is basic platforming in this title. You can jump up onto ledges or over animals you shouldn’t be stepping on, like porcupines. And if you do find yourself in a spot of bother aka: an area you aren’t supposed to be in, the heartbeat sound kicks in and the screen begins to turn grey, before teleporting you back to the last checkpoint.
All in all its a fantastic little title. Clover incorporates some very neat effects, using different layers in the foreground to give that illusion of you moving through a 3D world, as is the example of the pews in the church. Clover – A Curious Tale is an adventure, one I have been missing for quite a long time amongst the throng of shooters and action games. A must play, even if to simply fall into the musical lulling which begins as soon as the game begins.

Graphics:  A beautiful renaissance back to the days of the 2D scroller painstakingly recreated by Binary Tweed  that are stunning in their minimilastic simplicity.      8

Gameplay: The gameplay is sharper and more addcitive than you will first give credit for. Enjoyable environments entwined with smashing little puzzles all combine to make a great game.  9

RePlay Value: Such is the natuire of the title that you will be reaching for the game again as you scroll thrrough you library. Compared to a lot of Retro-style titles out there, Clover:A Curious Tale is an entertaining puzzler that will keep you coming back for more. Maybe not as often as a shooter title but you will most certainly play through this game on numerous occassions.  7

Presentation: A great way to spend an afternoon reminiscing in nostalgic euphoria about  gaming days gone by, ” When you were T’Lad! “ Be not fooled by the low price tag, or the 2D graphiocs, Clover:A Curious Tale is a fun, value for money title from one of the more inventive independent developers out there.          8





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