Womens pressure groups attempt to block Duke Nukem Forever!

After waiting a lifetime almost for the arrival of Duke Nukem Forever it seems that gamers may well have a fight on their hands for the forthcoming Gearbox title.      

With Women’s Institute members and the ‘PC Brigade’ amassing their ‘singed cup-sizes’ outside gaming retailers across the US, we can only speculate on the current furore surrounding the Gearbox title, and pray that it does not spread its wings to British pressure groups.         

It seem’s that the gaming industry has yet another battle on its hand’s, and this time its with the feisty females of the WI and other feminist organizations in the United States. In a time when it is fighting for its rights around the world with the ridiculous R18 debacle in Australia, or should we say the distinct ‘lack’ of an R18 rating system and the Australian governments failure to recognise gamers over the age of 15 as actually existing. And now, it seems, we are going to have a real old ‘ding-dong’ with the feminist pressure groups who want to outlaw and block all sales of the forthcoming Gearbox title Duke Nukem Forever. Their reasons for wanting to block the game we have all waited so long to play? Because of…and we are paraphrasing here, “…the Duke’s risqué attitude, as well as the derogatory way that women are portrayed in the game. ”  Really? So what about the droves of girl gamers who play, and love, Duke Nukem titles, and have done ever since the gung-ho great one first appeared way back in gaming’s infancy? What about those girl’s? It would seem that the pressure group’s do not listen to anyone’s point of view but their own, regardless of age, intelligence or gender. An outlook itself awash with social and intellectual bigotry.

The main problem, as the women’s lobby groups have outlined, rests squarely on the shoulders of the Duke and his misogynistic attitude towards women. There is also the opinion that the multiplayer mode of ‘Capture the Babe’ has sexual harassing overtones by the way players must slap the ‘Babe’ on her behind in order to calm the NPC as she is carried back to the friendly base over the shoulder of her rescuer. Not only that, say the outraged bra-burners, but it also clearly depicts a ‘celebration of violence against women’. Take the direct quote from the petition put forward by one such feminist outfit of lentil botherers:

                “Early reports reveal the new Duke Nukem Forever game is set to be released with a “Capture the Babe” mode of play. In this disturbing version of “capture the flag” the player is tasked with kidnapping a woman from his enemy’s base, throwing her over his shoulder, and carrying her back to his base to share the spoils. If she starts to ‘freak out’, the player is encouraged to slap her on the butt until she shuts up. This is a blatant celebration of violence against women in a game that will be played primarily by young people.  

Make of that rambling rant what you will, but it is our opinion here at GamesMediaPro that the time of the PC Brigade’s power to destroy anything and everything that they themselves have either no vested interest in, or just plain despise, should be brought to a crashing halt. For too long now people with no knowledge of videogaming have stuck their noses into its business in an attempt to enforce ridiculous laws and motions of stringent control over what is, in essence, a harmless interactive pastime. That these so-called ‘intelligent people’ can not make the simple distinction between a videogame character and real life human is just one more example of the naive stupidity of these individuals and opinionated pressure groups.

To say that a videogame offers and celebrates violence against women is ridiculous to the point of stupidity. To say that one computer generated character is behaving in a sexually harassing way to another computer generated character is pitiful, and were this issue not going to affect the income and possibly even the job’s of Gearbox Software employee’s then it would be a laughable situation.

So to the ring we go with the gloves most definitely off against these ranting harridan’s of doom, and no quarter will be asked for and none will be given in return.

Make sure that you support Gearbox in their right to publish and distribute this game. Make video’s, post them on Youtube, Facebook and all other social media websites to show that you are in support of gamers rights to play videogames. Tweet this article and re-tweet it, so that we show these nay sayers and control freaks that no longer will we be pushed around by these liberal thinking Politically Correct mouth pieces with nothing to say and who say it altogether too loudly!


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