Take revenge on all the pretty boys and girls or uglify yourself with All-in-1
Booth! Guaranteed laughs with 50 deformation combinations in one single app: slaphead, fathead, big nose… Everything and everyone is fair game!  

Little Worlds Studio, the creator of hit apps including Where is my phone,
invites iPhone owners to put a freaky new face on their daily life with All-in-1

It’s time for angel faces to take it on the chin!Now you have the power to transform all the pretty boys and girls into repulsive creatures!All-in-1 Booth is easy to use: take a photo directly or load an image from your photo library. The app automatically detects the position of the eyes, mouth and chin, which you can adjust manually if needed. Next, take your revenge by choosing the deformations you want to apply to the photo, and see the result on your victims!

 Uglify your friends, colleagues and lovers with the first ever app that
lets you create combinations of 9 physical deformations including baldness, big nose, double chin, pursed lips and more! Twist and warp photos of your friends in seconds to see who looks weirdest!
The indispensible app for endless gruesome photo fun is available now for iPhone priced £0.79

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