Nintendo confirms new console on its way!

Following a turbulent time for the industry leader with its two fiercest rivals, Sony and Microsoft, both making up ground in sales and hardware on the family favourite, Nintendo has finally announced what the rumour mill’s had been speculating on for some time.

With sales of the motion controlled machine dropping to an all time low in the company’s history, Nintendo fire back with a broadside of bombastic brilliance as they do indeed confirm that a new console will be winging its way to the shelves of your gaming retailer in 2012.

With the international expo e3 creeping ever closer it would seem that the first major rumour o be doing the round’s on the ‘gaming grapevine’ has turned out tobe as kosher as a Rabbi’s sunday lunch. The news has reached our ears via a memo attached to the latest company report for sales figures, and it informs the studious reader that Nintendo have every intention of launching their long-awaited ‘successor’ in 2012,.

For those fan’s of the motion controlled marvel that cannot wait until next year to feast their eyes on the forthcoming product then Nintendo have also stated that they will be unveiling the prototype of the new console, as well as demonstrating some of its new features and capabilities, at this year’s e3 event to be held once again in Los Angeles. So if you have the time, finances and inclination then we heartily suggest booking a flight to ‘tinsel town’ to get a first look at the future forerunner of next years ‘must have’ home console system.

GamesMediaPro will be at the gaming industry ‘main event’ and we will be sure to bring you all the very first images of the Nintendo ‘wunderkind’ in action. Watch this space for further updates regarding the future of Nintendo gaming.


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