MXP4 launches World’s first social music game for Facebook

MXP4 Launches Bopler Games (Beta version), the World’s First Social Music Gaming Application for Facebook

Bopler Games lets fans “Play with Hits,” combining their choice of game and song on the fly to score points, earn badges and compete with friends. Bopler Games has negotiated agreements with four of the eight major music publishers and labels, with more to be announced

MXP4, the leading social music gaming company, announced today the beta launch of Bopler Games, the world’s first social music gaming application for Facebook. Bopler Games is the first application that enables users to create an original social music gaming experience combining the game of their choice with their selection of song from a large catalogue of licensed music. Players can challenge friends and send music gaming gifts across the social networking site.

Bopler Games launches with four music games, including the popular PUMP IT! and new games Space It!, Match It! and Snake It! The beta launches with music from artists including Kt Tunstall, Lilly Allen, Digital Underground, Norah Jones, Afrika Bambaataa, Culture Club, Big Country, Jonas Brothers and Fall Out Boy, a catalogue that is set to expand rapidly.

Bopler Games is built on MXP4’s patent-pending Automated Level Design (ALD) technology that automatically analyses a song and extracts data based on its rhythm, melody and song structure. ALD enables any song licensed by MXP4 to be played in any game within Bopler and makes it easy for MXP4 and third-party game developers to quickly develop new games. MXP4 anticipates regularly releasing new games. Six additional music games are currently in production for Bopler Games.

Fans can play 60 second clips of songs within Bopler up to three times per day for free. To play a full track and enhance the gaming experience, fans can purchase a music “pass” as well as game boosters using “music cash,” an in-game currency that can be purchased with Facebook credits. Fans can also earn “music coins” redeemable for these passes by playing and sharing their games. Each time users purchase a music pass, artists, writers and labels receive royalties.

“With Bopler Games, MXP4 unites the power of two of the most popular categories on Facebook – games and music,” commented Albin Serviant, CEO of MXP4. “While music pages have historically been some of the most visited and ‘liked,’ they’ve not shown nearly the same monetization potential as do games on the site. We believe Bopler will for the first time enable artists to share in social gaming revenues, which are expected to grow to $5 billion by 2015 (Source: Parks Associates, “Social Games: Market Updates,” April 2011).”

With the debut of Bopler Games, MXP4 is the first game company to offer the music industry a scalable, sustainable revenue generator for their existing library as well as a dedicated social gaming promotional channel for newly-released music. Artists who have used MXP4’s past games and applications include Michael Jackson, David Guetta, Enrique Iglesias, Cheryl Cole, Lily Allen, Tiesto, Pink, Britney Spears, the Pet Shop Boys, The Bravery and more than 100 others.

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