World Exclusive ‘Drakensang’ Q&A with Head of Development Bernd Bereuther

With the Beta of BigPoint Games masterful Drakensang Online in full swing, and the day of its full frontal assault on the highly lucrative MMORPG genre drawing ever closer, we get to talk exclusively with the ‘Man with the Plan’ for the game that is set to take the online multiplayer experience by storm!     

Expectation’s are running high and the competition grows ever more fierce with ever passing year for the pot of gold at the end of the MMO rainbow. So with BigPoint Games launching their latest title for the MMORPG market very soon we get to pose a few questions to Drakensang Head of Development Berndt Beyreuther as we pick the ‘wunderkinds’ grey matter for juicy tit-bit’s surrounding the forthcoming online spectacular.       

Drakensang Online is now in the closed beta: What can the players expect?

Drakensang Online is a brand-new game experience! First off, Drakensang is now online, which means lots of players, all at once. We’re not just telling epic stories; we’re now creating epic experiences!

The main focus of the closed beta is to get the community to help shape the way the game plays out. Free2Play games need to keep the players’ preferences in mind, as well as react quickly and flexibly to the wishes of the community. To handle players’ wishes, Bigpoint has a massive community management team, who use the forums as well as a sophisticated tracking system to analyze the players’ attitudes.

What can hardcore gamers expect in Drakensang?

In Drakensang Online we’ve got a lot more intense fights, special attacks, spells, items, weapons and equipment. The focus of the game experience has shifted to more fun, intense fighting and better upgrades …

Unlike the older, offline titles we’re going to continually expand the game and ultimately reach a game magnitude never seen in a Drakensang game before.

The Drakensang series was particularly successful in Germany. Will Drakensang now broaden its horizons to other countries?

We now have the ability to localize a game in more than 25 languages as well as the support and media partners to advertise Drakensang Online internationally. Compared to offline games the difference is night and day. Drakensang Online will start in five languages and throughout the year more will become available. Players can already start the closed beta on American servers – the old Drakensang games took over a year to reach the USA. Thanks to being playable in the browser, it will be available all across the world from the very first day.

And there you have it, GmP readers, the scoop from the man himself Herr Beyreuther. So with your role-playing appetites for top-notch free to play titles well and truly sated we suggest that you indulge in a little of BigPoint Games’ alternative online experiences as you wait with bated-breath for the arrival of the biggest MMORPG of the year, the one and only…Drakensang.


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