Lexis Numérique, one of the biggest independent game design studios in Europe, has today unveiled new storyline elements of Red Johnson’s Chronicles, via an all new trailer and the launch of the official webiste. This genre refreshing investigation/adventure game will be downloadable on PlayStation®Network by the end of April.

Metropolis, capital city of crime. Here, even the police are more often part of the criminal element than on the right path. Private detective Red Johnson, who seemingly has more of a sense of duty than the other Metropolis authorities combined, is stretched to his limits after shots were heard from nearby Drownedmen’s Bridge.

One of the most hated men in town has been shot and dumped in the canal. Theresa, his insanely cold widow, doesn’t seem upset and even admits she won’t shed a tear, making her the perfect suspect. Sonia, a scruffy red-head escort girl known for her special talent, hides more than she’ll admit, while the self professed ‘king of the bums’ Raoul has a tendency to turn violent after a few drinks too many – a pair both linked to the victim in more than suspicious ways.

The more Metropolis inhabitants you’ll interview, the more suspects and dangerous enemies – including mobster ‘Black Plague’ Carlos – you’ll uncover and have to deal with.

Explore dark worlds, find, analyze and use clues that will lead you to the truth in this game with stunningly realized detective adventure. Question suspects, spot their lies, push them over the edge and, when necessary confront them in quick fire action scenes. But don’t forget to you’ll also have to engage your brain. To reach key pieces of evidence, you’ll have to crack original puzzles that tie perfectly into the script.

In this eight to ten hour long adventure/investigation, you’ll discover a world in which everything is dark, sharp and deadly, including the humor. With its scalable help system, Red Johnson’s Chronicles is an investigation/adventure game for all players and offering intuitive gameplay suitable for casual to hardcore gamers.

Red Johnson’s Chronicles will be published by Lexis Numérique and will set for PlayStation®Network by then end of April.
To get all the news straight from the studio, please visit the official website and the official facebook page


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