Byook’s iPhone murder starring Sherlock Holmes‏

Solve a Sherlock Holmes iPhone murder!  Byook launches the original story The Adventure of the Speckled Band, a fascinating reading experience enriched with pictures, animations, and sound effects

With the April income tax deadline coming up, we suspect murder is on your mind (!), so turn your attention to solving a murder instead…and enjoy a FREE copy of The Adventure of the Speckled Band until April 22nd

Byook announces Murder Sound Effects Contest – identify mysterious sounds if you can!  Win prizes including an iPod Touch!      

The Adventure of the Speckled Band, which was the author’s favorite of his 56 Sherlock Holmes stories, investigates the April 1883 murder of Julia Stoner.  One morning, Sherlock Holmes is awakened by the sudden arrival of Helen Stoner (Julia’s sister) in his London apartment at 221 Baker Street.  She seems deeply traumatized. The gruesome death of her sister Julia and the growing madness of her step father have turned her life into a terrifying nightmare. Holmes and Watson must unravel the mystery of who killed Julia.  Are you clever enough to solve the murder before Sherlock Holmes does?

The iPhone’s The Adventure of the Speckled Band adds intriguing and mysterious sounds to the brilliant storytelling narrative of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  Have fun with these sound effects!  Give them a few seconds to load :

“Be startled as the victim’s screams resonate.  Shiver as the rain falls into the palm of your hand.  Be afraid when a match bursts into flame. 

Check out Murder Sound Effects Contest on Byook’s website – win prizes including an iPod Touch!

The creative Byook team has posted on its website a clever Murder Sound Effects Contest which lists 15 sounds in three levels of difficulty – all sounds are included in The Adventure of the Speckled Band and all contribute to the fun of solving the murder.  Just how creative is your imagination?  Can you identify all the sounds?    Every winner will receive a prize, and the Grand Prize winner will receive a free iPod Touch!  Get all the contest details at

Special Introductory Offer:  FREE through April 22nd

Byook will offer The Adventure of the Speckled Band for free today through April 22nd.  Beginning April 23rd, Byook will charge the standard price of $1.99 / £ 1.22 / € 1.39.


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