Artix Entertainment Announces April 15th Musical Event in MMORPG AdventureQuest Worlds!

Be a part of gaming history! Experience Chinese R&B/pop star Ayi Jihu’s first ever in-game concert!                    

Artix Entertainment, the indie game development studio that delivers download-free browser-based RPGs to 125 million users, is currently preparing for an all new musical event this Friday, April 15th starring Chinese R&B/pop singing sensation Ayi Jihu.

Ayi is an R&B/pop singer who was recently called the “Chinese Madonna” on BBC. She has over 100 million song downloads in her home country. Friday’s AdventureQuest Worlds special event will be her first in-game concert. She is also preparing to launch a TV series and comic book called “Fear Chaser Chronicles.”

The event will feature all-new zones, quests, cut-scenes, and Event Rare items including armors, weapons, helms, capes and pets! Each new zone will play music from Ayi Jihu’s new Fear Chaser album.

No matter your age or level, everyone is invited to attend the in-game concert and join Ayi the Fear Chaser in the battle against Fear.

WHAT: Fear Chaser Musical Event

WHEN: Friday, April 15th, 2011 @ 7 PM (EST)

WHO: R&B/Pop singer Ayi Jihu, the AE Team, & YOU!

WHY: To attend Ayi’s first ever in-game concert, score rare items, and – most of all – defeat some of your worst fears.

WHERE: In-game at

The Fear Chaser event—named after Ayi’s newly release album – is a one-of-a-kind musical event where players will be able to experience an in-game concert with music and voice acting by the multi-talented Ayi Jihu. After the concert, players will team up with Ayi the Fear Chaser and battle against some of the most powerful fears that plague our players. By player vote, the reigning fears in this event are: Fear of Heights, Fear of the Dark, and even Fear itself!


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