Geohutz under ‘Permanent Injunction’ in Sony settlement!

It would seem that the legal wrangling regarding the now infamous George ‘Geohotz’ Hotz has finally been laid to rest by an out of court settlement with Sony           

Following the ‘jailbreaking’ of Sony’s Playstation 3 console and the fact that the illegal hacking has opened up the previously closed system to piracy and fraud, George Hotz accepts defeat in his settlement with Sony.

Quite frankly we would have preferred to see this ‘hacker’ nailed to the nearest jail cell wall by his unmentionables, but after an angry legal battle as the result of George ‘Geohotz’ Hotz cracking the closed system using (*ahem) ‘discovered’ codes, it now seems that the best that we can hope for is that this festering open wound of a troll, who will forever be known for being the big mouth who took on a big corporate giant and had his big behind well and truly booted by a big size 12, will be forever bound to silence and obscurity be the ‘Permanent Injunction’ placed upon him by the courts  that came out in favour of Sony. ( and rightly so ).

Still stamping his feet, and throwing his dolly out of the pram over being roundly thrashed in the last round of the legal wrangling, George has gone onto his blog to post a statement regarding the issue, but baring in mind that he answers no questions and nor does he offer any kind of explanation of the settlement as a rule of the injunction, his rant asking people to join him in the boycotting of all Sony products sounds like nothing more than the behaviour of a spoiled child after being sent to bed early with no supper. Sour grapes Mr Hotz? We believe so.

So hail the win as a move in the right direction for the gaming industry and let’s hope that more companies now decide to make an example out of pirates, hackers and thieves in the future, regardless of how big or small they are. Theft is theft at the end of the day, a notion which seems to be lost on these individuals. But one that can be firmly reinforced in a court of law.


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