Need a new charger for your Playstation 3 controller? Look no further!

Gioteck do it again with a cracking peripheral that has Playstation 3 owners breathing a collective sigh of relief!

We have all had that familiar problem with the official Sony Playstation 3 charge cable for the Dualshock 3 and Sixaxis controllers, where you want to play and charge, but no matter how you try sitting three feet from a 40″ plasma is not the best seat in the house to be gaming from. Thank the Lord then for Gioteck’s top-notch USB charge cable for the PS3 to alleviate and remedy that ‘tunnel vision’ dilemma.            

We have all had it, that sinking feeling you get when you are in the middle of an enormous boss fight in God of War III, or just about to earn the attack dog’s perk with a stunning killstreak run in Call of Duty when…..nothing! The battery in your controller has just gone down and its current status is now reading something flatter than the Earth as gauged by a 12th Century philosopher. Truth be told? It’s an all out gaming disaster as the screen shows that all too familiar message informing that your controller is in desperate need of a power transfusion, and when all is said and done you are now a state of complete disbelief as you must helplessly watch as your killstreak sails off into the distance as some noob puts an end to your run with an absolute howler of a miss-hit, or the aforementioned Boss has turned the tide of the battle in his favour during your brief period of inactivity and in doing so has left you bloodied and battered on the steps on Mount Olympus resembling something not unlike chicken liver pate. If only there were some form of elongated cable that would allow you to not only charge your Dualshock 3 or Sixaxis controller whilst you were playing? But surely such magical trinkets are the stuff of gaming legends and out of the realm of reality for every day gamers like ourselves? Well, that’s where Gioteck steps in.

The UK manufacturer of some of the best third-party peripheral’s on the market today has come to the aid and assistance of PS3 gamers the World over by creating just that very device that will permit players to never again have to lose a killstreak or die at the hands of a mythical monster from Greek legend. The name of this cracking bit of kit? Well, dear GmP readers, the title that are you looking for next time you are trawling online retailers for gaming cables is the XC1-HQ USB Cable, and that really is all the information that you need to know.

We have reviewed a number of third-party peripherals on this site, as well as in our previous guise also, and we have all come to the same conclusion, and that is if you want the best quality gaming goodies then there really is only one URL that you will ever need, and that is . Everything that we have ‘purchased’, ( not been sent for review you will note ), from Gioteck has not only looked the business but it has also performed outstandingly well in all area’s, and the XC1-HQ is no exception to this rule of thumb.

Easy to manage packaging that does not require a third dan in swordsmanship from the Tokyo branch of associated samurai to actually open is the first thing that you will notice when purchasing a Gioteck product, and the differences just keep getting better from here on in. The look and feel of the peripheral is also something that just screams quality at you, with the sleek casings and very well put together connectors and USB adaptors giving a sense of true sturdiness, as opposed to the usual feeling you get from a third-party cable, in that a mere waft of a passing breeze will separate the cable from the housing.

There is also a good 1.5 metres of distance from console to controller meaning that you are not sat inches away from your TV screen or monitor as you try to follow the action through tear-stained eyes. Gioteck’s XC1-HQ offers gamers a comfortable playing distance from the sitting position to the screen, and in doing so provides an altogether more enjoyable experience when using the product.

The life expectancy of the XC1-HQ is also something that must be measured in years and decades as opposed to the usual months and possibly even weeks with a good many of its rivals. Some cables that we have purchased from other top name third-party manufacturer’s have not even survived the first accidental ‘walk through’ by a passing family member, when they fail to spot the cable and quickly dash past the TV to avoid blocking your field of vision only to walk straight through the play and charge and rip it clean out of your grasping hand’s. Needless to say that this has happened twice now with the Gioteck and we are pleased to be able to report that not even a bounding large breed puppy can put paid to the rigorous design of Gioteck’s wonderful wire.

Retailing at around £9.99 from the Gioteck website, where you will also discover a whole world of other gaming peripherals to entice your mesmerized mind, the XC1-HQ has to be the best option for those gamers out there who wish to ensure that their gaming experience is not hindered in any way by a flat battery.

All told then the Gioteck XC1-HQ USB Cable get’s the GamesMediaPro gold seal of approval for sheer ruggedness in strength in design, as well as being the most cost-effective of all the third-party manufacturers out there. For those reasons alone it would score highly on our chart, but add also to these facts that the Gioteck cable is also the best looking cable with its sleek black casing and flashes of fire engine red and that’s enough for us to give it a perfect 10.


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