Nintendo release UK sales figures for 3DS

Following the blockbuster launch of the Nintendo 3DS last week we are now able to bring you the latest sales figures for the biggest innovation to the gaming industry this generation.

With sales figures like this announced in the first week for the Nintendo 3DS is it any wonder that great things are predicted for the magical box of handheld delights!       

Now we have all seen the advertisements plastered everywhere from the walls of the Underground to the sides and bulbous rears of every bus from Lands End to John O’Groats, but not even Nintendo themselves could have possibly predicted such an amazing first week of sales as their new baby, the Nintendo 3DS, has produced.

A staggering 303,000 units have, quite literally, flown off the shelves here in the UK alone, with further pre-orders still being fulfilled, due to the massive demand for the ‘wonderous wunderkind!’, and yet still more sales of this marvellous device looking to be assured thanks to the perfect publicity campaign run by Nintendo, as well as of the fact that nothing sell’s better than a product that has the all important ‘word of mouth’ machine well and truly behind it.

This is one of the reason’s behind the continued success of Nintendo, especially with their console for example, in the face of stiff competition from rivals Sony and Microsoft. Take the fact that their console is the least powerful of the three systems, with very little of the basic features of the other two, and then add to that equation the continuing facts that both the Xbox360 and the Playstation 3 have better dashboards, online functionality as well as both of Nintendo’s great rival’s having HD facilities in them, whilst the Wii has none But all of that counts for nothing when you have an absolute army of customers and supporters of your hardware passing in the word that the little white upstart has a fantastic collection of fun family titles, as well as the fact that it is cheap, affordable to maintain and has a failure rate less than the Xbox360 and Playstation 3 combined and what do you get? Exactly, you get to be the best-selling console for the entire generation despite all of the ranting arguments by rabid fanboys.

The same, we think, will be the case with the Nintendo 3Ds. Whilst Sony may well have the Xperia Play, and very soon the NGP, ( PSP 2 ), to follow, and Microsoft have recently launched their own handheld/mobile phone with the ill-fated Windows 7 Phone, ( Xbox Live on your mobile anyone..? No we didn’t think so either ), and we still have the feeling that Nintendo will once again take the lead when it comes to handheld devices at the start of this, the next generation of portable gaming devices.

There are a whole host of features coming to the new Sony and Microsoft handhelds and mobile phones, but there is not one of them that can compare to the glasses free 3D format of the new NDS system, and for sure there is not a single handheld to come anywhere near the Nintendo 3D marvel for its back-compatibility with all other previous NDS devices.

If you have not yet purchased your Nintendo 3Ds then hurry along to a retail outlet near you soon, as just with all previous Nintendo hardware system’s before it the 3Ds will once again have another massive boost in sales when the ‘word-of-mouth’ brigade, and its priceless brand of publicity free advertising, gets into full swing once people have had time to stare in childlike wonder at its staggering graphics and reveled in its awesome back catalogue, whilst at the same time never even contemplating a failure rate graph.


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