Square Enix launch ‘The 3rd Birthday’ today!

Blasting onto the Playstation Portable today comes the 3rd Birthday, the latest all-action title from Square Enix.        

In the latest chapter for heroine Aya Brea, The 3rd Birthday see’s our favourite character from the hugely successful Parasite Eve series, taking a new on a new role as the saviour of mankind in Square Enix’s latest blockbuster for Sony’s PSP.       

Combining all out ‘backs-to-the-wall’ third person action with some of the most in-depth and structured character, and weapons, customization on the Playstation Portable, comes Aya Brea in Square Enix’s awesome new explosive action title The 3rd Birthday. This spectacular new retail title offers up an amazing action packed adventure as you step into the shoes of the heroine of the hour as she takes on all-comers in this whirlwind action game.

The exclusive Twisted Edition retail version will also include a copy of the game, as well as a copy of CTI Confidential, a stunning hardback book that is packed to the rafters with ‘top secret’ artwork and some truly mesmerizing concept artwork from the game. There are also two gorgeous lithographic prints of Aya Brea, as well as an exclusive download code that will allow gamers to play in Dissidia (012) Duodecim as Lightning decked out in a fantastic Aya Brea costume. But that’s not all, dear GmP readers, there is also another exclusive voucher code that will allow you a staggering 50% off Final Fantasy II when purchased through the Playstation Network. So not only do you get to play one of the hottest handheld titles around, you also get to relive some of your favourite characters and moments from a true gaming classic when you purchase Final Fantasy II for half price! Now if that isn’t the sweetest gaming deal you have heard in a long time, then we don’t know what is?


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