Gamers prepared to sell their mums to get ahead in games

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Bigpoint surveyed over 6,000 of its gamers around the world to find out about their relationship with their mums.  Are gamers still tied to their mother’s apron strings or are they more mature than generally assumed?  Is getting ahead in the game more important than their love for their mum? Is the only relationship a male gamer has with the opposite sex with their mum, or do they defy convention and have relationships with other women? 

Top findings include:

  • 55% of Bigpoint gamers believe that their mum is a significant force in their life
  • 22% see their mum as their closest female friend
  • However, 87% of gamers would not want their mum to join them in an online game
  • Family is the most important social group to Bigpoint’s gamers although there is loyalty to their online clan/guild
  • Gamers are pacifist in real-life, but when asked to choose between spending time with their mum or playing their favourite game, 62% opted for playing their game
  • Even more so, when asked what they would do if it meant an automatic win in the game, 28% admitted that they would sell their mum

So, gamers do love their mum, but not quite as much as winning in the game, and they certainly wouldn’t want to team up with them online!

What do you think?  Would you be prepared to sell your mother to get ahead? Is your mum your most significant female relationship? Leave your commenst below.


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