New classes revealed for Dead Island!

Towering above the traffic like a huge lumbering hulk of steaming, rotting flesh comes ‘Ram’, the giant tower of terrifying undead might that will unleash furious rage upon you in Deep Silver’s upcoming survival horror title Dead Island. Will you stay the course? Or will you be turned into a zombie ‘amuse bouche’ for this gigantic ogre? The time draws ever closer when all will be revealed.        

Looking far more ‘mature’ than anything adult gamers have managed to get their hands on for many a gaming day, comes the spectacular Zombie game Dead Island from Deep Silver. With little over a few months to wait before the survival horror hits the shelves we get to bring you the latest news on the must-have terror title of the year so far!             

Not content with making just the hero of their forthcoming nightmare the only one capable of producing a few surprises in their battle for survival against the hordes of gory undead that are actively seeking your warm tender flesh,the developers behind the horror title of the year, Deep Silver, have announced that the zombies too will have more than just trick’s up their sleeves, as the newly announced classes of monstrous monstrosities demonstrates with the aptly named ‘Butcher’ living up to his moniker by having nothing but razor-sharp protruding arm bones that he will gladly cut you to ribbon’s with, free of charge, should you get within reach of these deadly blades.

There are any number of terrifying tormentors to be on the look out for as you frantically try to find a way off the tropical island paradise, with some notable inclusions as the enigmatic ‘Drowner‘ whose talents we will reveal at a later date for fear of putting people off their evening meals, and also who could resist the explosive charm’s of the ‘Boomer’? Well, to be blunt, you had better do all you can to avoid this powder keg of putrid puke unless you want to end up spread across a large proportion of the island, but in very small pieces.

 The guy making all the headlines at the moment however, if guy is what you can call the forty feet tall freak show, is the impressively turned out ‘Ram’. With arm’s that would send a certain Mr Schwarzenegger scurrying back to the protective security of Mutti’s apron, and leg’s that, should they have grown any bigger, would have passed for Giant Redwood, Ram is an awe-inspiring and simply terrifying sight as he stands towering above all that he surveys.

So after taking in the amazing physical attributes of this mountain of malicious monster your next conundrum is probably going to be ‘How in the Hell do you take that thing down?‘ And it is a good question, to one we have no answer too, as yet. But one thing is for certain, and that is it’s sure going to be a lot of fun trying to find out, make no mistake!

Dead Island has been scheduled for launch  sometime in Autumn of 2011. We will, of course, keep you all up to date with all developments regarding Deep Silver’s stunning future release.


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