God of War 4 revealed! April Fool or gaming jewel?

God of War 4 in production? Well if the eagle-eyed researching of one N4G contributor can be believed this is, in fact, not an upcoming April Fool’s Day joke but the Real McCoy as we prepare for the breaking news of Kratos return.      

Following the investigative prying of journalist Alex Wozniak N4G.com has brought it to the attention of the world that Sony have indeed been advertising on Business Professional’s website LinkedIn for an animator to work on the aforementioned project.

So with a bit of delving into the animator in questions Curriculum Vitae, we are now led to believe that all of this add’s up to the creative designer’s involvement on the future title. Whether or not any of this has any substance or basis in truth does not stop the article pulling in the viewers as the excitement surrounding the possibility of a fourth outing for Kratos and his menacing repertoire of deadly skills and attributes reaches near fever pitch.

To read the full article on N4G.com follow the link and make up your own mind on the matter. All we have to say on the subject is that if this does signal a return of the scarlet flashed strongman then we, for one, are going to be happier than a pig in the proverbial at the prospect of stepping into the sandals of our favourite Playstation hero. In the end there will be only chaos!

Special thanks and credit go to Alex Wozniak and N4G.com for the original article.


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