Yoostar 2 In The Movies Reviewed

Following in from the instant success of the first title in the Yoostar series comes the Hollywood inspired sequel. Will the second title in the karaoke styled format from Blitz Games prove as popular, or will it forget its lines and stumble over the producer on its first day of filming? Let’s find out together in the GamesMediaPro review of Yoostar 2 In The Movies.      

Bring on the dancing-girls and let’s get this show on the road as we take a step into the limelight and relive some of our favourite moments from the silver screen with Blitz Games Yoostar 2 In The Movies.

Apparently there are rumblings within the gaming media that the ‘Karaoke Styled Game’ has run its course and developers who are producing these titles are doing nothing more than flogging a dead horse and continuing their attempts to wring every last possible drop out of the lucrative cash-cow. Well, not alway’s being the kind of people to follow in the same line as everybody else, GamesMediaPro is not too sure if this sentiment is actually in keeping with public opinion, as we took Blitz Games latest title Yoostar 2 In The movies to our local pub to complete this review of their Kinect and Playstation Move title, and we have to tell you that the response to the fun-time favourite was immediate and impressive.

Knowing that there is never a better time to pop a party game in the disc try to get some audience participation than when said audience are..how shall we say this..” Well Oiled? ” we had perviously arranged with the patron of the local watering hole right next to our office to allow us to bring int he game on evening, as long as we paid for the first round to get the party going. So armed with the office junior’s credit card and our Xbox360 and Kinect in hand we take to the street’s in search of the true public reaction and response to the participation title.

But let’s start at the beginning, as we are getting a little ahead of ourselves here. Yoostar 2 In The Movies is the second in Blitz Games duo of titles in which audience participation is primary to the game’s success. The original saw players singing along to some of their favourite tunes as they shook their ‘money makers’ for all they are worth. The sequel to the highly entertaining opener now see’s gamers taking centre stage as they get to select which of any number of classic scenes from blockbuster movies, new and old, they would like to attempt before having them perform the short dialogue in front of the Kinect, or by using the Playstation Move and the Eye Camera. The only real difference between the rival format’s is the use of the Move controller’s to navigate the menu’s, whereas with the Kinect version of the game we were using nothing more than our hands to make choices, and we have to say that the much reported ‘lag issues’ were nowhere to be found. Once you have decided upon which scene you would like to try to act out you then ‘lock’ your image into place on the screen, depending upon the nature of the dialogue to be spoken and how many players will be represented on-screen at any one time, and from there it is a case of trying to remember your lines and deliver them in such a manner that will earn you points when it comes time to watching yourself in the playback. Of course the problems will start when you opt for a scene where you are unfamiliar with the lines, and as a result your performance will be severely hampered by your unnatural positioning as you have to stare blankly into the screen to read your words.

Nevertheless this will all work out over time, as there will be many opportunities for you to wheel out this title time and time again at social gatherings and functions or just whenever you and a few friends and family get together for a few drinks and some good old-fashioned fun. The beauty of this  game is that in its repeat performances is its success and its appeal as when players get used to the scenes and the lines that have to be spoken they will be able to spend more time perfecting their acting skills as opposed to reading the script from the TV screen. This will make for far more animated performances from the would be Hollywood starlets, and no doubt some hammy over the top acting sessions that would be worthy of some of the great’s such as Christopher Biggins and Richard O’Brien. 

So next stop..the pub! As we take the game into its natural habitat and introduce the two finest mixtures since Gin and Tonic and Vodka and Orange: Alcohol and Inhibition loss.

It was a match made in heaven right from the start, even though we had to break the ice and undertake some of the dodgiest looking scenes ever witnessed by man just to get the party going, but once the lager began to flow so did the enthusiasm, and by the time we had got around to sipping the head from our third pint we were being ushered aside by friends and relatives. So with Dutch Courage flowing through their veins they attempted to slur their way through the likes of The Terminator, Casablanca and Beverley Hills Cop to name but a few of the first-rate flicks that you have to choose from. With almost a hundred starting clips and the promise of many more to come via the DLC packages that will undoubtedly follow, Yoostar 2 In The Movies promises to outlive most of its rivals in its class with the sheer enjoyment and quality of gameplay that makes for a genuinely entertaining family orientated experience.

Regardless of which console you make your purchase on, Yoostar 2 In The Movies is one of the definitive party games of the year so far, and a whole lot of fun to boot! The replay value of the game is almost as limitless as the amount of clips that could be made available to the title from a back catalogue of movies stretching the entire history of motion pictures, so fear not that the game will lose it appeal after a month or so, as with Blitz Games’ cracking player participation party piece there really is no novelty to wear off.

Graphics: Fresh and clean and even when using the Kinect motion control there is little to no lag to speak of. The menu’s are easily navigable, and the interface simple enough so that even the most novice of gamer can understand what they are required to do. Yoostar 2 In The Movies makes use of the interactive movie clips to the very best of its ability, and so if you have the Kinect hands-free system for your Xbox360 then all you really need to do is slide the disc into the tray and start the game up to have some cracking fun with friends and family alike.     7

Gameplay: The design and mechanics of the game make for quick learning and repeat performances long after the purchase of Yoostar 2. As you progress through the game, and ultimately become more familiar with what is required of you to make those high-scoring rounds your goal, then you will undoubtedly become even more enamoured with Blitz Games quality title. Good clean, wholesome fun that will keep all ages of gamers from 5 to 75 entertained for many a day to come.   8

RePlay Value: The heart of the games selling point is its replay value. With 80 clips already preloaded into the disc, and the promise of many more through DLC, Yoostar 2 In The Movies is likely to live a long and productive life as Blitz Games deliver more top-notch movie snippets for you to enact and imitate to your hearts contents.    9

Presentation: There is really nothing else like Yoostar 2 In The Movies  on release at the moment and so for that matter Blitz Games have really cornered the market, as far as movie games go. With the ill-fated Your In The Movies never really getting started we feel that the sterling job that the developers have done with Yoostar 2 will be reflected in the games sales as this is a far more exciting and interactive prospect for all family and casual gamers. Clean and dependable graphics built around easily understandable menu’s and gameplay allow for all age groups to pick up a copy of this game and enjoy what it has to offer. With additional content already in the pipeline Yoostar 2 In The Movies is a hit. 8


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