Kirby’s Epic Yarn reviewed

Nintendo’s little pink ball of innovative fun takes to the screen once again in the latest saga for the loveable character.

Following on from the immense success of the original title, Good-Feel Games have taken HAL Laboratories opus and brought the pink puff-ball into a new realm with a bold new direction for the much-loved character. Will the ground-breaking platformer succeed where others have failed so miserably before them? Join us in our voyage of discovery as we bring you the GamesMediaPro review of Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

Set in a textile dimension constructed entirely from string and pieces of cloth, Kirby’s Epic Yarn takes gamers on an epic saga across a world that is composed from just about every format that platform players have encountered. Everything is on offer to tantalize your gaming grey matter as you traverse the level’s of lava-spewing pits of fiery doom, towering ice sculptures of frozen fatality and watery pools of H2O based horrors. Armed, in his new adventure, not with the ability to ‘chow down’ with avaricious intent on all of his enemies, as with his previous finger-lickin’ ability, Kirby is now able to whip his foes to into a fatal frenzy with the latest addition to his arsenal that see’s our pink powerhouse kitted out with the deadly ‘String of Doom’. This new ‘weapon of woven warmongering’ works extremely well in a game that prides itself on the class of its platforming puzzles and depth of gameplay, as opposed to just being yet another point and shoot action title. So prepare to flay and flog your rivals into gooey lumps of yucky sticky gloop as Kirby is back, and this time its personal!

Another excellent addition to the new look Kirby is the awesome ability that allows our hero to transform into everything from a ‘vroom-tastic car’, that will allow players to zip through the more level playing area’s, to a parachute that will let Kirby float across the uplifts of warm air as he explores the dangerous levels of volcano-esque peril. There is also the startling Autobot stylings of the Kirby built submarine that makes it possible for players to navigate their way through the traps and pitfall’s of the more watery based levels along this truly epic voyage of impressive gaming delights.  With preset moments along the way that will see Kirby turning into such shapes as a fire engine, to put out the dastardly flames that threaten to engulf everything even remotely combustible in one of the games later levels, as well as a tank with which you can blast away to your heart’s content all and sundry who are foolish enough to wander into your line of fire.

The Wiimote comes in to its own during Kirby’s Epic Yarn and players will notice that by ‘waggling’ and ‘waving’ the motion controller that a wide variety of moves and manoeuvres become available and apparent. More hidden delights that also pop into view when you tug on what would appear to be a loose string harmlessly lying around on the ground or hanging from a structure, as more often than not this will reveal secret rooms and treasures that may even lead on to a previously undiscovered area or level. Good-Feel Games have littered the game zones with all manner of challenges, cracking gameplay and enough first-rate content to keep even the most jaded of diehard game fan’s happy, and with this amount of genuinely thoroughly entertaining gaming to be had by all is it any wonder then that the replay value for Kirby’s Epic Yarn stretches into the months and years, as opposed to the standard fare of mere days and weeks.

The gameplay is stellar with graphics so sweet that there are rumours of the Kirby’s Epic Yarn winning the crown at an under 7’s Beauty Pageant. Good-Feel Games have taken an already stunning title and really stamped their own mark on the game, and with the new approach to Kirby being universally met with the reviewers seal of approval, it would seem that the usual band of critic’s and detractors, who bay for the blood of developers who dare to alter or improvise any existing characters, have even come on board the latest Kirby bandwagon to have the platforming journey they always knew the franchise was capable of producing.

The premise of the game seems to be less on attempting to frustrate gamers with the difficulty level of the game, tweaked to such heights that oxygen is required for fear of it producing dizzy spells at later stages in the game, and more on the player just having good old-fashioned gaming fun as they explore the environment that Good-Feel have created for them to invest their time in. With absolutely flawless candy store colouring complimenting the smooth as silk graphic’s Kirby’s Epic Yarn looks as god as it plays, and it plays extremely well.

The Co-oP is sublime,  and with the developers making the platformer appeal to the paired-up players as well as to the solo gamer there are still untold hours of pleasure and entertainment to be found waiting for you on every level of this piece 2D platforming perfection. Although the level’s are the same as the single player experience right throughout the Co-oP Mode, it has to be said that when you have a friend or loved one stepping into the regal shoes of Prince Fluff and joining you in all of the delights that Kirby’s Epic Yarn has to offer, then the experience just seems to take on a whole new level of fun, with the enjoyment never waning for a single moment.

Graphics: Sugar coated and candy coloured with the focus being on taking the player out of the mundane an everyday and into the realm of Kirby and his friends, and it works perfectly. This is a land of cloth and fabric and so you will be treated to the brightly coloured environments and spectacularly shaded surroundings that you would expect in a world of such fantastical fantasy foundations.There is nothing to be wary of in the way of glitches, bug’s, frame rate issues or lag during the excellent Co-oP Mode. Kirby’s Epic Yarn is pure unadulterated class, and by far and away the finest example of a 2D platformer for some considerable length of time.  9

Gameplay: A shining light in a sea of platforming mediocrity. Standing amongst the rocks and hazards of tedious gameplay and tired mini-games comes the absolute Tour De Force that is Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Towering above the raging sea’s of shovelware that have engulfed the platform genre, like a lighthouse sending out its saving beam’s of gaming goodness for the masses of players to steer towards its safe harbour. The developers at Good-Feel Games have surpassed expectations with their handling of a true modern gaming classic, and with some truly cracking action to be had on each and every individual level of this stunning title Kirby’s Epic Yarn lives up to its name in every respect of the word. 10

RePlay Value: The single player experience offers up a good many hours of gaming delights, as does the absolute top-notch Co-oP Mode. Players of all ages will be reveling in the gameplay that the developers at Good-Feel Games have managed to cram into Kirby’s Epic Yarn. From the moment you first encounter the title, to wringing every last drop of gaming juice from its end credits this is one game that is going to be pulled from the shelf time and again as family’s and friends enjoy all that this title has to offer.   9

Presentation: In keeping with every other exclusive title to the Nintendo Wii, Kirby’s Epic Yarn has brought a polished product of pure gaming perfection to the customer with some of the finest family entertainment that we have had the sheer pleasure of indulging in all year. Bright and bold the graphic’s bombard the senses right from the opening sequences, coupled with the gameplay that developer Good-Feel Games have brought in to the franchise being absolutely second to none in the 2D platformer genre, Kirby’s Epic Yarn is just one more example of an exclusive title of how an exclusive title should be made, with gameplay and presentation being so ‘on-the-ball’ that this title alone could well bring in new players for the Nintendo Wii console.  10


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