Nintendo 3DS shatters all pre-order records in the UK!

Unprecedented consumer response sees Nintendo 3DS pre-orders double Wii Nintendo 3DS is’s most pre-ordered console ever! Ground-breaking glasses free 3D entertainment system captures the imagination of the UK    

Nintendo UK has today announced that, with three days to go until launch, pre-orders for the new glasses free 3D entertainment device, Nintendo 3DS, have more than doubled those achieved for Wii in 2006.          

The news follows last week’s announcement by online retailer that Nintendo 3DS has smashed its pre-order record for a games console in the UK.

When Nintendo 3DS launched in Japan on 26 February, 400,000 consoles sold in the first two days.** More than 1,200 retailers across the UK are poised to open their doors at midnight on Thursday to satisfy the demand from eager fans.

HMV’s London flagship store at 150 Oxford Street will be hosting the official UK retail launch event. The event will include a performance by BRITs Award winner Plan B and the first official customer purchase. The first 500 games enthusiasts to purchase the console will be able to claim a free 3DS game of their choice***.

“The reaction to Nintendo 3DS has exceeded our wildest expectations,” said David Yarnton, General Manager of Nintendo UK. “Glasses-free 3D entertainment has truly arrived. It’s almost certain that the number of Nintendo 3DS consoles sold on Friday will exceed the number of 3D televisions sold in the whole of 2010.

“Until now 3D has been too expensive, too clumsy and too restricted,” said David Yarnton. “With Nintendo 3DS it’s mobile. It’s affordable. It’s glasses-free. And it’s here, now.”

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For all media enquiries, please contact the Nintendo Press Office on 020 7861 2868 or

* Nintendo 3DS has broken Nintendo UK’s record for UK Hardware Pre-Orders. Nintendo 3DS is’s most pre-ordered console ever.

** Nintendo shipped just over 400,000 units into the Japanese market for day 1 and Nintendo 3DS virtually sold out, with the only available copies left at retail being those that had been pre-sold and were not yet picked up.


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