PopCap Games announces huge price drop in aid of Japanese Earthquake Relief Fund

PopCap Games have announced that they are to reduce the prices of top titles Bejeweled, Peggle and Plants Versus Zombies for the iPod, iPad and iPhone for 48 hours in aid of the relief effort for survivors of the tragic Japanese Earthquake.      

In a show a support of the victims of the devastating trilogy of cataclysmic events that have unfolded across Japan this week, PopCap Games have decided to reduce prices on some of their major titles for the Apple handhelds with all profits going to the disaster relief fund.    

PopCap games has today announced that it is discounting prices for all of its iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad games for 48 hours this weekend to raise funds for the Japanese earthquake relief effort. PopCap’s titles include Bejeweled, Peggle and Plants vs Zombies.

PopCap has partnered with the Red Cross and will donate all of its revenues from the sale. The price of each iPhone and iPod touch title is reduced to £0.59, while the iPad adaptations are reduced to £1.19.

With the disaster in Japan reaching unprecedented heights the citizen’s who have been left devastated by the chaos the trio of life threatening events are in need of as much support from all corners of the globe as is humanly possible. So your actions, no matter how small, are well appreciated in assisting the relief effort that has been implemented by all nations of the world in the Japanese people’s hour of need.

Take advantage of this amazing offer from PopCap Games now and know that you too are helping to alleviate some of the pain and heartache of the survivors of one of the world’s most tragic disasters.


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