Three cheers and a bottle o‘ rum! Seafight turns five!

With Seafight ( five this year, it’s full speed ahead for more than 35 million players, who cast off to sea long ago to fulfill their quest for gold, glory and buried treasure.

No risks, now worries: With lots of easy pickings and bountiful booty, Seafight’s birthday festivities will have even the toughest, most dangerous swashbucklers bursting with joy. Confetti ammo as well as floating gifts filled with ammo, gold or pearls will start the high-seas birthday bash off with a bang. All pirates who’ve played Seafight for longer than a year can also look forward to getting their very own dragon pet for their ship: Whether gold, silver or bronze, these dragons will show other pirates just how long a player’s sailed the bounding main. And to really heat things up, there’s another action-packed event planned for Seafight fans:  Armed to the teeth, the Seafight developer team will go head-to-head with the players in spectacular sea battles during and after the birthday event.

“From novice sailor to experienced captain: Millions of players have chartered the seven seas for over five years now, making Seafight an ultimate hit!” says Philip Reisberger, Chief Games Officer at Bigpoint. “The enthusiasm and commitment our community’s shown over the years would make any fierce seafaring scallywag want to stand up and take pride in what’s been accomplished. That’s why our team worked hard to come up with something special for this fifth birthday event; in addition, they also plan on launching more exciting quests and missions in the future to really put mighty pirates to the test.”

In the five-year-old, free-to-play browser game Seafight (, players embark on an epic adventure that leads them on a journey across the seven seas and has them fighting their way to the top in order to achieve freedom, fame and fortune. Confronted by peril daily, pirates need nerves of steel to survive treacherous sea battles and master numerous challenges. Only then can they win any battle and amass mountains of treasure, thus securing their place in the history of Seafight.


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