Reach for sky with Air Conflicts:Secret Wars

A new breed of fighter ace comes to the PS3, Xbox360 and Windows PC in May, 2011. Take control of some of the greatest aircraft in aeronautical history with this dogfighting spectacular!     

There’s nothing quite like tearing out of cloud cover, with the sun behind you, in a Supermarine Spitfire as you rain fiery death on your Luftwaffe targets over the summer skies of a London during the Battle of Britain. With the forthcoming title from Games Farm and bitComposer promising some truly epic aerial battles from days of glory during both World Wars, it looks like their is a new player in the combat flight sim genre.    

With 48 stunning missions taking place over 7 totally immersive campaign level’s Air Conflicts:Secret Wars looks all set to shake up the flight sim genre by bringing some truly memorable aerial battles to the console and PC gamer. Allowing players to select their own aircraft to take into the warzone, based the ‘kites’ own strength’s and weaknesses, must be a prospect that fan’s of the combat flight sim genre are relishing as the countdown begin’s for the games launch in little over a month.

Missions carry different objectives with everything on offer to the budding Biggles as players will get to experience the heart pounding adrenalin rush of the ‘Hit and Run’ and ‘Bombing’ missions. There are also the cloud based combat sessions to look forward to, such as ‘Patrolling’ and ‘Sneaking‘, but a favoured prospect of  the review team here GamesMediaPro has to be the tantalising proposition of aerial dogfights in some of the era’s most awesome aircraft, with gamers being able to take the stick in 16 of history’s most classic war machines above the skies of locations as varied as Tobruk, Yugoslavia and Operation Belt in Poland to the Battle for the Neretva Bridge.

Pilot your planes to the cheers of struggling allies and partisan’s as they hail your arrival with raised rifles and voices of cheer as you assist the resistance movements of time honoured heroes of The Peoples Liberation Army and Partisan Detachemnts in Yugoslavia right through to The Polish Armeia Krajowa and the exulted French Maquis.

Objectives will be presented as dialogues between comrades, with players able to upgrade their pilot’s, and even their wingmen, after every mission as they gain the required experience to bring the battle to the Bosch. With the game offering and Arcade Mode, as well as a Simulation Mode, there seems to be something for everyone in Air Conflicts:Secret Wars. Arcade Mode allowing easier gameplay for the less familiar with the flight sim genre, whereas the Simulation Mode will let more qualified ‘pilots’ gain further control over their aircraft for a far more realistic experience. No need for the novice to be detered or daunted by a flight sim title for once then.

Of course there will also be a superior online experience for those would-be Red Baron basher’s out there amongst you, with up to four players being able to link up and enjoy some truly cracking multiplayer mayhem above the skies of war torn Europe.


  • Seven campaigns, each based upon a resistance movement of the second world war
  • Uniquely historical battles such as the siege of Tobruk, the battle of the Neretva Bridge, and Operation Belt in Poland
  • Fight for the causes of key resistance movements such as the People’s Liberation Army and Partisan Detachments of Yugoslavia, The Polish Armia Krajowa, and the French Maquis
  • Action-packed gameplay delivers the excitement of serial combat in a manner accessible to everyone
  • Over twenty different landscapes, each individually detailed with period precision
  • Pilot more than 16 individual aircraft, in both World War One and World War Two settings
  • Machine gun your enemies, dog fight, bomb ground targets and rocket ground troops and enemy vehicles
  • 49 varied missions provide combat, stealth and exploratory gameplay
  • The player controls his aircraft with either mouse and keyboard or gamepad
  • The player can choose between two control schemes: Arcade and simulation. The first one makes the game easier to control, while the second one gives more options to control the aircraft
  • Several multiplayer modes, local and via internet for up to eight players

Stay with GamesMediaPro asfor further news and developmenst regarding Air Conflicts:Secret Wars and all other Games Farm and bitComposer titles.


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