Living the high-life with the latest screenshots for Rockstar Games LA Noire

More gorgeous gaming greatness from the award-winning team over at Rockstar Games as the latest batch of highly impressive screenshots for their up and coming LA Noire title are released today!

Another slice of gaming heaven is brought your way today courtesy of the developers at Rockstar Games as we get to take a tour of 1940’s Los Angeles with a sneak preview glimpse of Hollywood and all the glitz and glamour that it promises in the latest set of stunning screenshots for LA Noire.

The post-war economic boom and full-fledged glory of Hollywood’s golden era brought a new, revitalized air of glamour and prestige to the world of Los Angeles in 1947. In L.A. Noire, this is exemplified by high-end mansions flanked by luxury vehicles, exclusive restaurants and top class shops… all catering to the idle class.

Detective Cole Phelps will soon learn firsthand though what they say about all that glitters. With power comes ruthlessness, with wealth and privilege come greed, with fame comes desperation – and below that high-gloss sheen lie the darkest of souls.

Lovingly crafted and looking better with each fresh batch of beautiful screenshot’s, LA Noire promises to be the interactive hit title of 2011, and a firm contender for that coveted Game of the Year. The sense of realism is unquestionable, and it almost feels as if you are pounding the sidewalks and pavements of post-war Los Angeles with every step you take in the enigmatic detective’s shoes. 

With the oppressive darkness weighing down on our anti-hero Phelps’ shoulders, and the elusive suspect’s laughter haunting him in his dream’s at night, players will get to experience first hand what it feel’s like to be on the trail of a psychotic killer as the mystery surrounding the events of LA Noire’s storyline take you into a nightmarish world of deception and double cross at every turn.  

Stay with GamesMediaPro as we bring you all the latest developments for Rockstar Games forthcoming epic, where all is not quite what it seems and danger lurks in the shadows around every corner. LA Noire is due for release in May, 2011 for both the Xbox360 and Playstation 3 home entertainment systems.


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