Gioteck’s ‘Real Triggers’ produce real benefits for PS3 owners

Having the competitive edge over other gamers when playing fast-paced shooters, and multiplayer titles online, is not always enough, if  when at the crucial moment your sweating finger slides off your Dualshock or Sixaxais controller just as you were about to blast your rival into FPS dust. Thankfully Gioteck have created the perfect peripheral to remedy this problem with their excellent ‘Real Triggers’ for the Playstation gamer.  

If you, like the rest of the motley crew here at GamesMediaPro, like nothing more than to throw on Call of Duty and Medal of Honor, or any of the other frenetic first person shooter titles that grace your local gaming retailer, after a hard day’s ‘working for the man’, then rejoice in the fact that third party peripheral manufacturer Gioteck have devised the ideal replacement trigger’s to assist your combatant onslaught in your hour of need. Read on for the GamesMediaPro review of these fantastic finger-friendly add-on’s.   

It’s not often that we question the calibre of the design of one of Sony’s products, but whoever it was that came up with the triggers for the Dualshock 3 or the Sixaxis controller’s ought to be held up by their ankles and have rancid tomatoes thrown at them for hours at a time! How many times have you been playing online with your friend’s and you are blazing a trail through the swath’s of enemy troop’s that are rushing headlong into your bullet’s like a flock of demented cattle, when all of a sudden, out the corner of your eye, you spot a sniper taking aim at you and you whip your weapon upwards to give him a lead injection and just as you are ready to unleash 7.62mm of FMJ retribution at him…‘Boom! Headshot!‘  your dead!  You hurl obscenities at the screen, you curse at the cat, who in a moment of pure clarity makes a break for the safety of the kitchen before you can launch your controller at it. It is in that moment, when you are about to send your beloved Sixaxais into a ballistic feline seeking trajectory, that you realise you are holding in your hand the very reason your foe managed to ventilate your melon before you popped a cap in his…it’s the controller itself. 

‘But how can that be..?‘ you cry. This is the same style of controller that you have been enjoying ever since you first chased Chocobo’s as the much-loved character Cloud in Final Fantasy VII on your PsOne? This is the very same style of controller that you used to blast away the demons in God of War, and shoot the helmet’s off angry Wehrmacht veteran’s on the beaches of Normandy in Medal of Honor? It was also the very same similar styled hand held control system tht you used to tour the mean street’s of  San Andreas. What’s gone wrong? Well, nothing has ‘gone wrong’ it is just that today’s gaming world is a far more realisitic and fast-paced experience. With graphic’s so sublime and lifelike, that sometimes it feel’s as though you are in charge of an interactive movie as opposed to playing a videogame, take Heavy Rain as a perfect example of this. Today’s gaming has come so far from the day’s of munching magic mushroom’s to turn into a ten feet tall bug squashing Italian plumber.

Nothing more proves this point than the first person shooter genre, as videogames have come out of their ‘nerdy’ shell to take the world by storm as the number one form of entertainment for people of all ages. Gaming now, especially when you enter into the online world of the FPS multiplayer, is a sharp, frantic affair with bullets and bombs raining down on you like lead-lined hailstones of death, and in this realm of the digital deathdealer every second counts and every action has a most definitive reaction if you are the one that is second to the punch. So the last thing you need at the moment when you should be spitting fiery doom to all in your iron sights, is for your controller triggers to let you down and instead of a satisfying ‘boom’, you get a killcam with your claret being the wine spilled all across the camera.

Rejoice then, dear GmP readers, for the beautiful people over there at third party manufacturer’s Gioteck have thankfully designed a handy pair of ‘Real Trigger’ that snap- on over the top of your Sixaxis’ own triggers to deliver unto you an experience of unbridled bliss as you beat them to the kill every time without ever having  to fear a ‘slide off’ at the moment of truth.

The triggers themselves come in the form of a pair of hardened plastic clip on’s that fit snugly, and perfectly might we add, over the top of the controller’s original R2 and L2 buttons. Made of a toughened plastic there is nothing that these pair of perfect peripherals cannot withstand, so don’t worry about them ‘pinging off’ or breaking in two as you bring the pain to your onscreen enemies. The Gioteck Real Triggers fit like a gaming glove onto your Sony set, and from there on in it is just a case of pointing and shooting. It has to be said however, that if you are just getting shot all the time because you are not the fastest finger in the frag-fest, then even these triggers are beyond helping you, as they only enhance the skills that you already bring to the game, and in no way do Gioteck claim that they make you play any better than you already do.

For those of you who are more fond of your hack and slash titles, platformers or even RPG’s then the Gioteck Real Triggers are not just limited to bringing benefits to the FPS crowd, as they will definitely assist you whenever you have any title that requires you to use the lower two triggers on your Playstation controller. Be it Dualshock 3 or Sixaxis, the Real Triggers will fit either controller with perfect ease, and there is no doubt about it, that they can enhance your gaming experience as you never again make a mistake at a crucial moment during your gameplay.

For a look at the Real Triggers and other great gaming goodies from Gioteck then just follow the link to their official website. Happy gaming readers!

Summary: All in all the Gioteck Real Triggers make for a purely positive experience when purchased via your local Game, Gamestation or as well as Amazon UK. We managed to outfit the entire office with these little beauties for the amazing individual pricetag of a paltry £2.99. With the outstanding and first rate results that were given from Gioteck’s top notch peripheral’s how could any Playstation gamer afford not to have these on their controller. One of the most practical and useful products for your gaming pleasure, and best of all: One that works. Great stuff again from Gioteck  10


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