Ascendancy offers new free update and price drop to budding space explorers!

The latest iOS title from The Logic Factory  tempts further gamers to sample the delights to be found in their awesome science fiction spectacular Ascendancy.

The Logic Factory, creators of epic sci-fi strategy Ascendancy have always been committed to providing continued support for their flagship iOS title, and for mobile gaming in general. Today, The Logic Factory are proud to reveal a brand new content update and price drop for Ascendancy, with improvements based on user feedback and constant testing.

Quashing recent fears arising from GDC debates about the quality and consistency of mobile gaming, Ascendancy is a prime example of triple-A quality entertainment on a portable device, and a great indicator of the future of videogames on a young and intuitive platform. 

“It’s all about the specs,” said Todd Templeman, Co-Founder of Logic Factory. “If the platform can accommodate depth and quality, we can produce it, and customers are eager to get their hands on it.”

Improvements to Ascendancy include Long Range Ship Movement, allowing players to issue orders to multiple ships across multiple star systems. This new, clean interface offers more freedom and flexibility to give succinct commands whilst being able to manage a whole armada of vessels. Additional upgrades include more 3D displays on the iPhone now rendered at retina resolution, multitasking support, frame rate increases, and over 30 other interface touches, minor bug fixes, and performance enhancements for both iPad and iPhone/iPod touch.

“The new movement option is something our customers requested. After hundreds of hours of testing we hope they agree with us that enabling ship orders from the Starmap holotank provides noticeably enhanced gameplay,” said Templeman. To celebrate this new content, Ascendancy has been discounted temporarily to a price of $4.99/£2.99/€3.99, making it even more tempting for space-loving gamers to jump straight into one of the most complex and rewarding games on iOS devices.


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