Week 4 Winners and Week 5 questions unveiled in the latest round of the Dragon Knight Saga Competition

Sticking with the formulas from the last outing of our Dragon knight Saga Competition we will be announcing the winners of last weeks challenge today, along with the Week 5 questions for the next round of our cracking prize giveaway in conjunction with Larian Studio’s, Atlus and Focus-Home Interactive.    

Thanks to an overwhelming response to last week’s challenge we are pleased to say that we will be offering up details of that all-important ‘mystery star prize’ to readers as we tempt you further to take part in the great GamesMediaPro giveaway that is our Dragon Knight Saga Competition.   

So without much further ado le’s announce the winners of the Week 3 Challenge.

3rd Place:      Daniel May,   Montreal, Canada

2nd Place:       Phillipa Petit,   Ostend, Belgium

1st Place:      Micky Budd,    Sheffield, UK

Congratulations to all who took part, as well as to our three lucky winners who will each receive their prizes very soon. Extra bonus congratulatory outpourings go to Micky Budd from Sheffield in the United Kingdom who, as our 1st Place winner, will now go forward into the ‘super special mystery star prize bonus bonanza, erm…type… thing’ where we will be giving away a whopping gaming gift of gorgeous goodness to one fortunate fellow, or female, when we make the draw from each of the weekly challenge winners on April 12th, 2011.

We can now reveal to you all just what that mystery gift will entail as we bring you all, our dear GmP readers, the Great GamesMediaPro Giveaway Star Prize details.

On April 12th, 2011 to coincide with the US launch of what could well be the RPG experience of the year, the awesome Dragon Knight Saga, we will be making a special bonus round draw made up of all the 1st Place winners from our Weekly Challenge questions. So if you are lucky enough to be one of those chosen few then feast your eyes on what you could well be walking away with on the fantastic day.

The winner of the US Launch Day Star Prize will be taking home a special edition copy of the Dragon Knight Saga, a limited edition soundtrack of the game, a limited edition T-Shirt from Larian Studio’s bearing the game’s logo as well as…( wait for it! ), a brand spanking new 250gb Xbox360 slim. So how about that then, readers?

Don’t forget that to be in with a chance at the main prize you have to be subscribed to GamesMediaPro on Youtube and our Twitter account, and we will be checking! So get tippy-tapping away as you only have a few more chances to be in with  shout of winning all of those amazing prizes courtesy of the beautiful people at Larian Studio’s, Atlus and Focus-Home Interactive. Not forgetting your favourite cyberzine staff here at GamesMediaPro.

So get signed up and get answering today’s questions which are below. As always send your answers to the regular email address of  info@gamesmedipro.com 

Eyes down and here we go for our Week 4 Challenge questions in the Great GamesMediaPro Giveaway better known as the Dragon Knight Saga Competition.

question 1:   What is the name of the first Grey Warden you encounter in Divinity II:Ego Draconis?  

question 2:   What is the name of King who you place on the throne in Divinity II:Ego Draconis?

question 3:    What is the surname of the main character in Dragon Knight Saga 

‘Good Luck’ once more to you all, dear readers, and keep those fingers crossed and the views and comments coming on your GamesMediaPro website! Don’t forget to subscribe to our Twitter and Youtube channel’s for daily gaming news updates and great gaming video’s and reviews.


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