International publisher 505 Games has today announced   WRECKED – Revenge Revisited an explosive battle racer from the team behind seminal multiplayer title, MASHED. Set for release on both Xbox LIVE®Arcade for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®Network, WRECKED – Revenge Revisited will be released this spring.        

In 2004, developer Supersonic released MASHED for Xbox console, PlayStation®2 and Windows PC to public and critical acclaim, earning the description of, “Mad-ass multiplayer mayhem that really busts your ribs,” from C&VG. Fast forward to 2011, and the same team is developing a modern, action packed, full on mayhem, driving  title with elements that made previous titles such a success. WRECKED – Revenge Revisited will be the first ever online racing game from Supersonic.

“We’re really excited to partner with 505 Games to bring the spiritual successor to Mashed to our existing fan-base and our unique style of racing mayhem to a brand new audience.  We want to bring some soul and humour back into the racing genre, and can’t wait for PSN and XBLA consumers to get their hands on Wrecked – Revenge Revisited.” Said Pete Williamson, Managing Director, from Supersonic.

WRECKED is not about fast lap times, gaining pole position, perfect cornering or aerodynamics; it’s about winning by any means necessary. Aggressive driving is not so much encouraged, but a given prerequisite as players will come across a wide variety of weapons and vehicle enhancements to help muscle rivals off the track and out of the points. Survivors are encouraged to keep their wits about them however, as vanquished foes are given the opportunity for instant revenge via five different aerial strikes to add a certain spice to proceedings.

WRECKED builds upon this unique formula by adding customisation of player cars, so rivals will see each other coming with no mistake. A single player Championship Mode will offer 24 challenges divided across four disciplines to allow drivers plenty of solo time to hone their skills. Up to four players can tear out against each other in either local or online multiplayer modes across a number of different tracks in distinctive locations.

“With WRECKED, Supersonic are again able to show just how good they are at putting together irresistible, pick up and play racing action,” commented Tim Woodley, Global Brand Director, 505 Games. “MASHED was a one-off title that has yet to be toppled in the fun stakes, and we’re proud to be able to bring a modern take on a classic to a new generation.”

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