Weekly Challenge 4 and Week 3 Winners announced!

Following a slight change of format for last weeks challenge answers, we are announcing the winners of the Week 3 Challenge today, as well as posting this questions for Week 4’s tester.   

Continuing the corking competition to celebrate the upcoming US launch of the GamesMediaPro RPG choice of the year title, Dragon Knight Saga, ( in conjunction with Atlus, Larian Studio and Focus Home Interactive ), we bring you the answers to last week’s challenge questions  as well as a whole new fresh batch of tantalising teasers to test your gaming know-how. Will you be one of the lucky winners?   

So delving right on in to our bulging sack we can see that the letters and emails have been coming in thicker than a government minister and faster than a u-turn on gaming industry tax relief. Who were those fortunate few to pick up the plethora of prizes from last weeks draw? Well, my fearless readers all will be revealed below:

 The winners of the Week 3 Challenge are, in reverse order:

  3rd Place:    Damon Wintle,     Canada

  2nd Place:      Tanja Polko,     Germany

  1st Place:       Letitia Woods,       UK    

Congratulations to all of our winners and commiseration’s to the thousands who have entered, but let’s get straight on with the Week 4 Challenge questions where you will be in with yet another opportunity to grab some great gaming goodies in the GamesMediaPro Competition Giveaway!  

Question 1:  What is the name of the realm in which the Dragon Knight Saga takes place?

Question 2:  What is the name of the arch-villain in Dragon Knight Saga?

Question 3:  What was the name of the second title in the Divinity series?  

Once again the rules of the competition are simple. Answer the questions, send your results to info@gamesmediapro.com. Each week three winners will be selected, at random, with the 1st Place winner only going through to the main Dragon Knight Saga Competition mystery prize draw. As well as some great goodies from Larian Studio’s, Atlus and Focus-Home Interactive there will be the all-important super special prize from us all here at GamesMediaPro. Good Luck!!


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