Activision unveil the intense ‘Boss Battles’ screens for the upcoming Lego Star Wars:The Clone Wars

On March 22nd 2011 gamers around the world will be able to step into the science fiction extravaganza Lego Star Wars:The Clone Wars. Come with GamesMediaPro as we give you an insight into a few of the intense ‘Boss Battles’ that lie in wait for you in that galaxy far, far away.     

Tantalising teasers are on offer to our readers today, and the images we bring you are of the awesome boss battles and gigantic in-game nemeses that await you all in Activision and LucasArt’s forthcoming sci-fi spectacular Lego Star Wars:The Clone Wars.     

With less than six weeks before the next installment of the Lego saga hits retailers Activision have turned up the heat on those fans sweltering in pre-order purgatory as their anticipation for the family game fun of the Star Wars universe goes up by a further few notches.

Whether or not you have been a follower of the Lego series in the past it is very likely that if you are the kind of gamers that likes your titles to come packed to the gunwales with content and things to do then Lego Star Wars:The Clone Wars could be just the game that finally manages to turn you on to some of the very best platformers on the market today, and judging from these latest screenshots from Activision the inclusion of some totally epic Boss Battles in the forthcoming title looks all set to rival more traditional based shooter games such as Lost Planet, and even the newly released Bulletstorm, in its bid to deliver some of the greatest moments of gaming goodness as you get to do battle against some truly sizeable sci-fi super bosses.

The line up of Bombastic Bosses that will test your gaming mettle range from the massive ‘Titan Droid’ that is the bodyguard and ever-present accomplice to Asajj Ventress, as well as the mountainous beast of mystery that has its lair in the hideout of none other than arch baddie General Grievous. On top of all that top quality action, and just when you will probably think that you have time for a breather and can take it easy for a moment or two, the humongous hulking Zillo Beast puts in an appearance, and even though this ancient aggressor may not look like the speediest of foes it probably is best to avoid making any snap judgements for fear of said beastie snappy your spinal column.

So whet your gaming whistles with this gorgeous gallery of gargantuan great’s and look forward with heart-pounding hope that your pre-ordered copy of Activision and LucasArt’s firm favourite will land a day early in the mail.


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