Kinect hacked for the iPhone?

It looks as if the early reports are, in fact, correct as the rumour that Microsoft’s latest ‘baby’ Kinect has been hacked ring true.    

More hacking abound’s as we now have reports that the controller free gaming of Microsoft wonder technology ‘Kinect’ has indeed been breached by a hacker and can now be used to play games very similar to titles such as ‘Rally Ball’.    

Now we don’t know about you guys but here at GamesMediaPro we are not supporters of hacking software, hardware or any other kind of ‘ware’ that is out there. So the news that reaches our ears today, courtesy of, comes to us as no surprise in the wake of the last hacking scandal surrounding the Playstation 3. Hacking, in our humble opinion, is wandering into the realms of outright theft and regardless of your personal viewpoint if someone was to hack your bank account we doubt that you would sit back and applaud their technical wizardry.

So now we hear that the iPhone/Kinect hack has proven to be true with gamers being able to play a game very similar to the Kinect title Rally Ball using their iPhone as the platform as opposed to the Kinect and Tv that Microsoft developed the hardware and software for.

What the Supertouch hackers have done is beyond our own technical expertise and is probably best demonstrated in the video that the group posted on Youtube showing off the results of their labours.

So what are your thoughts on the current state of hacking in the videogame industry? Do you think that gamers have the right to crack their consoles and hardware? Or do you think that the companies are right in seeking legal action to oppose the multitude of fraudulent copies of blockbuster titles that we see splashed all over every bit Torrent website? Let us know your views in the comments section below.


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