Relive the timeless gaming classics and start the adventure where it all began as the award-winning Final Fantasy 1 & 2 come to the Playstation Network courtesy of Square Enix and Sony.     

On February 16th, 2011 and March 2nd, 2011 Square Enix have invited gamers to enjoy the thrilling epic saga that is Final Fantasy. The bonus of this, however, is that players will, for the first time, be able to go back to the grass-roots of gaming’s greatest RPG series as they will now be able to experience the beauty and brilliance of Final Fantasy 1 & 2 by adding the two historic titles to their HDD via the Playstation Network.

To add further impact to an already tantalising offer that will see both classic titles available for the paltry sum of a mere £7.99 per game, Square Enix have also added an extra incentive, for fan’s of the long running franchise, to take advantage of a cracking 50% off when they purchase the next PSP title in the much-loved series. Dissidia (012) Duodecim Final Fantasy goes on sale in Spring 2011 and gamers that make the wise decision to purchase the title for Sony’s quality handheld device, will be rewarded with an in-pack voucher that will allow them to redeem a whopping half price off when using the token to purchase the original Final Fantasy game through the Playstation Network Store.

Let the memories come flooding back to you through rose-tinted glasses as you recall heady times that saw you leading the merry band of four young friends in the very first Final Fantasy title.  Recall the salad day’s of a fledgling tale, that has now become one of gaming’s true stalwart’s and most revered of franchises, as you once again don the steampunk outfits and attempt to overcome all manner of obstacles and enemies as you seek to restore the elemental balance to a universe torn apart by chaos and disorder.

With Square Enix adding extra levels, as well as some truly stunning images in the bonus Art Gallery, the games that have each sold in excess of 100 million copies will soon be available for you to keep and enjoy time and time again at the merest touch of a button.


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