EA announce free to play ‘Monopoly Millionaires’ for Facebook.


MONOPOLY Millionaires Enables Players Around the World to “Pass Go” and Play with Hundreds to Thousands of their Friends 

Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) today announced that MONOPOLY Millionaires, the first free-to-play social gaming version of the world’s favorite family game brand, is now available for play on Facebook.  Fans of MONOPOLY can connect with all their Facebook friends and family around the world to experience the never ending fun of building the biggest and best boards and amassing millions in MONOPOLY money. Under license from Hasbro, MONOPOLY Millionaires can be played on Facebook at: http://apps.facebook.com/monopolymillionaires/

The release of MONOPOLY Millionaires represents an entirely new and innovative approach to the digital MONOPOLY franchise. Electronic Arts’ considerable MONOPOLY development expertise has resulted in the integration of unique social gameplay features that take gaming on Facebook in a new direction.
“EA has enjoyed a very successful relationship with Hasbro over the last three years and we’re excited to introduce the beloved MONOPOLY brand to the Facebook community,” says Chip Lange, senior vice president and general manager of the Hasbro Division at Electronic Arts. “We strive to continually re-imagine Hasbro brands digitally in creative ways and MONOPOLY Millionaires is no exception. We’re bringing the world’s favorite game brand into the new era of social gaming, offering an accessible and enjoyable experience for Facebook users worldwide.”
“MONOPOLY has always been a social game that’s made better by the friends you play with,” said Katie Mitic, director of platform and mobile marketing at Facebook. “With MONOPOLY Millionaires, EA and Hasbro are bringing this global game brand to a growing online audience of people who play games with their friends on Facebook. MONOPOLY is a great example of the legacy that can be created when games are built to be social from day one.”
Fans of MONOPOLY will find several familiar features in MONOPOLY Millionaires, such as the classic MONOPOLY board, earning money by building houses and hotels, and rolling dice to move tokens around the board. However, MONOPOLY Millionaires has been designed specifically for the world of social gaming to encourage players to engage and play with their friends. The more friends a player has, and the more often they visit their friends’ boards, the more success they’re likely to have in the game. Additionally, players may roll the dice consecutively and don’t have to wait for their friends to finish their turns. Customization is another highlight of MONOPOLY Millionaires, allowing players to creatively decorate their boards for a more personalized and expressive experience.

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