Adventure travel leader identified by Apple Inc for continued innovation, leadership, culture and brand influence     

Gap Adventures, the world’s largest independently-owned adventure travel company, has been selected by Apple for a business profile to show other companies what can be achieved by using their products.

Since Gap Adventures’ inception 20 years ago, the company has always relied on Apple products and due to the travel leader’s 24-7 business model, Gap Adventures needs to ensure it stays connected to its global community of travellers and work colleagues in more than 100 countries.

Gap Adventures was awarded the accolade, in part, due to its use of iPhones – tweeting real-time photos from tours which are geo-tagged so the tour leaders (Chief Experience Officers, CEO’s) don’t have to label the images as they go.  The adventure travel company also has more than 400 employees actively engaged in social media daily.

“Apple is always looking for companies that inspire, that do great things with their products, and we have a lot in common,” says founder Bruce Poon Tip.  “Not only are both companies leaders in their respective industries, both share a dogmatic commitment to seamless brand integration and to managing every detail of the client’s experience along every step in the relationship.” 

Poon Tip says, “The relationship with Apple, which is an ongoing business relationship, is based on mutual respect.  Apple sees my company as a leader in a space that is unique and very different than the computer business. 

“So many cool companies use their products, so for Gap Adventures to be profiled by Apple, to see that we’re respected for our innovation by the people and the company we admire, it’s inspiring.”

Apple has invited Poon Tip back several times to speak to its employees. “They are always interested in feedback from businesses using their products effectively, and like Gap Adventures, they welcome honest criticism that helps them improve,” Poon Tip says. “They loved our lip dub video, which was created with their products and also features a few,” he adds. 

Planeterra, the non-profit organisation that Poon Tip founded in 2003, also relies on Apple’s products to manage the progress of more than 40 sustainable development projects around the world – from a women’s weaving cooperative in Peru to a new vision clinic being built in Cambodia.

Apple also uses a number of Gap Adventures’ photos in marketing its products – on posters, displays and on screen savers in its retail stores.


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