Release your inner animal with the City of Heroes pack from NCsoft

NCsoft, the world’s biggest and best publisher of MMO titles, has joined forces with Paragon Studio’s, the developers of the most popular Super-Hero style MMO, City of Heroes to bring PC gamers a stunning new customization tool that will allow players to create their characters combining traits taken from the world’s most powerful beasts.  

The all-new ‘Animal Pack’ will enable players of City of Heroes to enjoy all the benefits of adding almost super human strength, speed and agility to their creation’s by utilising the customization tool to endow their super hero with powers that will range from such awesome attributes as flight capabilities using the wings of the hawks and eagles, right through to ripping incisors of the mighty lion.

These are but tow examples of a whole dazzling array of new abilities and avatar assets that will make your super-hero the envy of the online world in which you play your trade, as rivals stare in disbelief at your stunning strength ad amazing appearance before you snap their bones with all the strength and power of a rampaging silver back gorilla.

But wait, the fun does not stop there. The new pack doesn’t just include upgrades on your physical prowess and stamina, it also allows you to modify your avatar with some corking new physical customization’s that will see gamers adding new item’s to their character such as teeth, manes, wings, tails and body patterns.

There is also the tantalising new Beast Run travel power that enables players to move with all the lithe agility of a prowling panther before they strike with the fury and precision of a seriously upset King Cobra.

NCsoft and Paragon Studio’s have been kind enough to allow us a look at the complete list of new features and attributes, and in turn we are now able to pass along this information to you first hand:

                          Over 60 New Costume Parts and Patterns: Mix and match between a series of new Feline, Avian, Minotaur and Wolf costume pieces to create fierce mythological beasts or noble guardians of nature.
·         6 New Emotes: Allowing players to activate new Savage, Hiss and Sniff emotes along with a series of animal-themed costume change emotes including Feather Burst, Fur Bust, Fur Fly and Feather Fly.
·         2 New Auras: Choose between two new tintable auras, Flea and Beastly Rage, that can be enabled for combat or always be active.
·         1 New Travel Power – Beast Run: Available at level 4, characters can now run like a savage beast with the new Beast Run travel power, pouncing through the concrete jungles known as the Rogue Isles, Paragon City and Praetoria while stealthily stalking and attacking their prey at every turn.

The new pack for City of Heroes will be unleashed via the NCsoft store and all for the meagre sum of a mere £5.99 of your Earth pounds, ( €8.99 for you Euro types ), on February 23rd, 2011. For more details regarding City of Heroes and all other future, and available, NCsoft titles then stay with the GamesMediaPro team.


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