Fear, they name is ‘Galactus!’ The Eater Of Worlds has arrived!

In the latest character reveal for Marvel versus Capcom 3: The Fate of Two Worlds we are treated to the latest screenshots of the awesome Galactus.    

In this latest reveal for the awesome all-action fighting game, Capcom have played their trump card and shown that the ace up their sleeve in the fight for world dominance to be none other than the legendary Eater of Wold’s himself, Galactus.

From the last remnant of a universe before even the Big Bang comes the omnipotent power that is the most feared man in Marvel history: Galactus. Born of the planet Taa the young Galan, who would go on to be the awe-inspiring Galactus, found himself growing up a time when his home world was not only threatened by an influx of a deadly plague of radiation, but also by the coming Big Crunch of a universe facing its last death throes. Scorned by his peers and ridiculed by friends Galan’s prophecy of destruction proved to be correct as one by one the neighbouring planet’s to the Taa homeworld fell to the unseen and silent radioactive killer. With the universe collapsing into a ‘Cosmic Egg’ and the surrounding world’s dying off in turn, Galan manages to convince a handful of the last of Taa’s doomed inhabitant’s to board a starship with him and fly into the heart of the ‘egg’ in a last-ditch attempt to save their beloved planet. With all of his accomplices killed by the fiery cauldron the young Galan finds himself spared by the very spirit of the dying universe as the Phoenix Force takes him into the protection of the Cosmic Egg.

In the next Big Bang which creates our own universe the Cosmic Egg is shattered sending the newly reborn Galan hurtling from the primordial soup into the dark void as all around the reformed starship the cooling gasses and matter combine to form the stars and the planets. After drifting inert as the embodiment of Infinity and Death for billions of years Galan’s craft crashes onto a small unknown planet inhabited by Ecce The Watcher. Sensing the immense power inside the craft The Watcher understands the destructive capabilities of the entity inside but takes no action, as his oath of ‘non-interference’ dictates. Instead he once more blasts the capsule back into the inky night from whence it came.

After countless aeons the spaceship once more descends onto another inhabited world. The advanced race detects the power within and wisely, or so it seemed, decide to leave the sealed craft well alone. Unfortunately for the people of Archeopia the protective ship is destroyed by an invading enemy some years later and in a fit of newly released rage and energy the being Galactus emerges and annihilates all that stand before him, friend and foe alike. Though a handful of survivors fled the burning planet Galactus stayed behind to create an enormous craft around the ruins of the once verdant Archeopia in  honour of his homeworld which he named Taa II.

Taking millenia to complete, Taa II took immense energies to produce, and so Galactus was forced to rest and feed over tens of hundreds of thousands of years. A rest that was ended when the omnipotent being also fashioned another in his image to soothe the lonely beings troubled mind. But the clone was restless, and sought conflict and conquest and even dared to challenge his creator in a Battle Royale which lasted centuries. Galactus banished the entity he named Tyrant to parts of the multiverse unknown after finally claiming a hard-fought victory.

It was Galactus who gave birth to the Silver Surfer as the World Eater sought to engulf his planet to appease his voracious appetite. In a bid to save his own world Norrin Radd would offer his services to Galactus if the being would spare his own planet. In a deal that would see the Silver Surfer born and countless worlds devoured Galactus was eventually led to our own world by the glittering herald.

Here Galactus suffered his first ever defeat at the hands of the Fantastic Four with the assistance of his former scout, the Silver Surfer, and as punishment for his actions the Surfer was forever bound to our Earth.

Still bearing the hatred for the only race to humiliate the Galaxy’s greatest power Galactus harbours a loathing so deeply ingrained for all human life, that to see the armoured superbeing in the line up of Capcom’s latest title can only spell danger for the ranks of the Capcom few. Will they be able to withstand the sheer might of the Eater of World’s? Or will they, like countless others before them, fall victim to the appetites of the God like destroyer? All will be revealed when the game launches on February 18th, 2011.

Stay with the GamesMediaPro team as we keep you updated on all the latest developments of Capcom’s stunning future release, as well as the games full review prior to launch.


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