Dragon Knight Saga Bumper Prize Competition in association with Focus Home, Larian and Atlus

To mark the upcoming launch of Larian Studio’s stunning RPG spectacular Dragon Knight Saga in the US, GamesMediaPro has come together with the games developers as well as Focus Home Interactive and US publishers Atlus to offer our readers a bumper harvest of gaming goodies in our exclusive  prize competition.  

With the US release of what is, in our opinion, the role-playing genres’ biggest title of 2010 being a mere six weeks away Focus Home Interactive and Atlus have come together to offer you lucky people the opportunity to get your paw’s on some of the greatest gaming giveaway’s and prizes in our fantastic Dragon Knight Saga Competition.  

With the Dragon Knight Saga players are able to experience the role-playing genre in unparalleled action as they battle their way across an expansive realm in their quest for glory against the legion’s of Damian’s Army. With gameplay that is head and shoulders above its rival’s Dragon Knight Saga will lead you on an ever evolving adventure that will see you taking the form of the very giant lizard you were first dispatched to destroy. Watch as hordes of magi, bandits, warriors as well as undead spectres and ghouls attempt to thwart your progress at every turn. Gaze in wonder at the stunning locations and backdrops in an open world environment that’s beauty is only surpassed by its deadly nature. This is the RPG genre at it finest with immersive and engrossing gameplay that is unrivaled throughout its class.

Thanks to the generosity of the developers at Larian and the publishers of both the EU version, Focus Home Interactive, as well as the forthcoming US release, Atlus, we are able to bring you a competition so epic that we have been approached by Hollywood for the rights to the movie version.

Each week, in the build up to the US launch of this massive RPG experience, we will be giving away a whole host of gaming prizes from soundtracks to memorabilia as well as building up to the main prizes of copies of the game itself  to three lucky winners in our great Dragon Knight Saga Competition.

How do you enter? That’s the easy part. You have probably already subscribed to the GamesMediaPro website and Youtube channel so chances are you are already familiar with our competition format? But for those of you new to GamesMediaPro then here are the way things work around here:

             There will be three new questions set at the start of each week with the first questions taking place on Monday and the results of the weekly competition being drawn the following Friday. Each week there will be three winners drawn to receive randomly generated prizes from the list donated by the publishers. The winners of the main prize for that week will then be entered into the draw for the competition s’ top prize that will be on April 12th, 2011 to coincide with the US launch of Dragon Knight Saga. The main prize winner will be drawn by a member of the Larian Studio’s team and the winner will be announced on the website.

All decisions are final and there will be no alternatives offered or given. There will be no appeals and all decisions are non-negotiable. Prizes are subject to change depending on availability.

             Today is Monday 7th, February, 2011 and so we will be offering the first three questions in the weekly challenges and the answers to these will be given on Friday 11th, February, 2011. The email address for readers to send their answers to will be given at the foot of the page.

Question 1:   Which French website gave Dragon Knight Saga the prestigious Best RPG of 2010 on both the Xbox360 and PC?

Question 2:    In the Larian Vault what is the price of the Flames of Vengeance expansion pack for Dragon Knight Saga in Euro’s?

Question 3:     What was the  score given to Dragon Knight Saga in the GamesMediaPro review?

email your answers to the first of the Dragon Knight Saga Competition weekly challenges to: info@gamesmediapro.com


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