Are gamers lonely, pizza-obsessed, fat guys?

Following a recent survey of over 6,000 gamers by BigPoint Games it seems that the stereotypes associated with the gaming community have been grossly over exaggerated. Are we really all pizza-munching, nerdy fat guy’s living in out Mummies basements listening to old 1980’s poodle rock? Read on to discover the truth.   

Do gamers really live up to their reputation as lonely, pizza-obsessed fat guys – epitomised by Comic Book Guy in The Simpsons – who sit in the dark playing video games as their sole social outlet?  To test this assumption, Bigpoint have surveyed over 6,000 of its gamers around the world to find out what their lives are like.   

If you, like the vast majority of the staff here at GamesMediapro-with the exception of Paul who is just downright weird, are offended at the never-ending tirade of insults that are tossed at you whenever you inform someone that you are a ‘gamer’. Then read on to discover the truth of the matter as we get the results of a poll taken by online gaming giant BigPoint Games. It would seem that the majority of the uninformed masses consider gamers to be nothing more than basement dwelling troll’s that spend their entire lives chatting to their cyber friends whilst filling up on an endless supply of beer and pizza. These unwashed ignoramus are the kind of tub-thumping lager louts that assume we gamers are nerdy types that have no social life, no family or friends to speak of and..God forbid, have no sex life for fear of spawning more of similar looking Poindexter Pratt’s that waste valuable computing resources and bandwidth with their childish games and stupid online communities when they could be put to far better use making more intrusive applications and pointless posts on Facebook or Youtube.

Well, my socially inept companions it seems that the truth is somewhat different to the general ignorance afforded to the hordes of gamer hating masses. In their recent study of over 6,000 active gaming individuals BigPoint Games uncovered a set of startling results that should have every ‘normal’ person quaking in their trendy leather shoes, as it has come to light that due to the upsurge in gaming and the fact that the activity has gone beyond anyones projected estimates, that we are now hailing from the very ranks of those people who once looked down their perfect noses at us. Shock horror, gamers are people too!

Take a look at some fo the survey results and judge for yourself which category you fall into:

 62% of Bigpoint’s gamers have more friends in real life, than they do through  their games

28% have met most of their friends online, but have now taken these friendships into real-life

52% of gamers do socialize!  In fact, they meet up with friends at least once a month

Family is the most important social group to Bigpoint’s gamers although there is loyalty to their online clan/guild

The primary reason for gaming is to have fun, and gamers are increasingly pacifist claiming that they would rather resolve conflicts with words than fights

So as you see the message to all those bigots who have hurled abuse at us all of these years:

We don’t need to get a life! We already have three  Medikit’s and a health pack!


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One Response to Are gamers lonely, pizza-obsessed, fat guys?

  1. Joram says:

    I’m a gamer, mostly RPG’s. I love fantasy and imagination !
    Lonely? O no, totally not: I’ve a famely, I’ve a girlfriend who lives together with me and my amount of time spending on gaming has no influence on our sexual activities
    :-p …. and other friends … playing a card or board game or tell jokes or go to movie or have a drink, ….
    Fat? I’m thin … maybe I forgot to eat often when I play a game? Maybe yes, maybe no …
    but pizza? O no, fast food isn’t my style!
    And besides gaming I love to spend time do walking or cycling. Or I do hobby’s like embrodery or lace (yes, I’m a real man!).

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