Check out Alma’s handiwork in the latest FEAR 3 Screenshots

Warner Bros release the latest images for their upcoming survival/ horror and give gamers a taste of things to come when they step into Alma’s playground.    

“Scream if you want to go faster!” the fairground workers used to yell at customer’s when they plied their trade on the Waltzer or the Twister. Well in the Haunted House of FEAR 3 the only thing Alma requires of her customers is that you scream, full stop!      

The imagination’s of the level design team’s behind the FEAR titles have never been ones for pulling punches of any kind when it comes to the graphic nature of the horrors contained therein. FEAR 3 is no exception to this gory rule, and we love it!

Take, if you will, these images from the forthcoming third outing of the terrifying trio of titles, and picture yourself trapped in the dank condition’s of this urban retail nightmare. Gone is the smiling counter assistant of your local corner store, only to be replaced by the freakishly scary abominations conjured up in the mind’s eye of the games main dreamweaver and builder of nightmares, the one and only Alma herself. The store level is just one excellent example of future terror’s that are to be endured by the player as they venture out into Alma’s realm.

One thing that we are certainly looking forward to partaking in, are the new Co-oP features that allow the player to be able to enjoy FEAR 3 as either one of the ‘Alma-mater’ offspring.  Gamer’s will now be able to play very differently divergent storylines as either Pointman or the telekinetic tormentor Paxton Fettel. These options that are available now ensure cracking replay value for FEAR 3 gamers as players are able to benefit from vastly differing stories, as well as the promise of the stunning looking Co-oP modes that will enable gamers to play as either brother in their quest for answers.

Bear in mind that playing through each brothers storyline, and Co-oP mode, will also mean that players will be able to take full advantage of each characters powers and abilities and you have the promise of some finger-licking action on the horizon that is tantalizing close as we speak.

Stay with GamesMediaPro as we continue to bring you the breaking news and updates for Warner Bros seminal masterpiece. FEAR 3 is close, Alma is closer still.


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