EA reveal Dragon Age Legends for PC

With the stunning sequel to the multi award-winning Dragon Age Origins being mere weeks away, EA have unveiled another string to the Drago’s bow with the all-new Legend’s title for PC gamers    

Sitting atop the RPG genre like a shining beacon to all other role-playing titles in its class the Dragon Age franchise continues to show why it gas began to dominate the scene as yet another awesome new title for the best-selling franchise is announced for the PC gaming community.     

Dragon Age has come a long way since it was first released to an avid role-playing public back in 2009. The original title Origins swept aside all competition as it rose head and shoulders above the rank and file of its rival’s to stand unchallenged as the premium RPG title of the that year. It goes without saying then that the forthcoming return to the magical realm in Dragon Age II is a highly anticipated affair that see’s gamers the world over anxiously chewing off fingernails as they once more prepare to don the armour of the elves and draw forth their sword in battle.

It is with the same anxiety and expectation then that PC gamers will be looking forward with cause to thank the developers of the series, Bioware, as they have announced yet another addition to the first class series of dungeon crawler titles with Dragon Age Legends. Details surrounding the game are thin on the ground to say the least but we have been able to get our hands on some stunning new screenshots from the animated title. Judging from the images on offer we can safely assume that, even though the graphics are of a more cartoon styling, that the game has all the hallmark qualities of a true Bioware RPG experience and is then, without a shadow of a doubt, one that PC gamers will be  looking forward to with relish over their console based counterparts.

More news and details will be published regarding the newly announced title, but until such times as we can unearth some more facts regarding the game, our readers will have to content themselves with some gorgeous screens instead.


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