Like zombie games? Want to get some of your idea’s featured? Here’s how… the independent games developer of smash-hit Free-to-Play title Dead Wake is looking for players and public minded people alike to assist with creating plotlines for their new project.

Ever looked at a videogame and thought, ” What this game need’s is more zombie polar bears on roller skates chasing lesbian nun’s through the shower! ”  No? Just us then. But if you do have some idea’s that make more sense then our’s then you could be just the man who is looking for to help with inspiration?            

Fresh idea’s and inspiration can come from the most unlikely sources. One independent games developer is hoping that readers and visitors to his blog, the highly popular, can assist him in creating a list of encounters and events to flesh out his future title that is currently in development.

So if you feel that you have some hidden nugget’s lodged somewhere in your cerebrum then do make sure that you get yourself along to Juuso’s blog at to stop by and register your notion’s and idea’s. Who know’s? Maybe the great man may even feature one of your pearl’s of wisdom in his forthcoming title and even credit you for your contribution? Or…not?

The kind of thing that Juuso is looking for is assistance in your typical zombie plot with all the usual typical urban scenes of murder and mutilation. Take a look at his list of hint’s to see if they jolt your grey matter into overdrive:

What can happen in a zombie game? Need help creating list of encounters/events

I’d need some help. I’d need a list of things that happen in zombie plots (think of typical urban scene: zombie infection occurs, everybody panics and gets eaten, and group of “heroes” spend tons of shotgun shells).

I’m thinking stuff like:

  • Found gasoline!
  • Empty ammo stash
  • Zombie behind the door
  • Flat tire

Et cetera.

If you type a comment, mention if you want your name for the credits, and I might consider it. *Cough*


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